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Wireless internet cameras

Updated on May 17, 2013

Concerns about security have increased in recent times, in a large part due to media coverage that the media has done in cases of burglary.

All this events create a huge sense of insecurity in the population, however, there are ways to prevent such situations and thus increase your sense of safety and your psychological well-being.

One of the greatest fears of people, and especially the senior population, is being robbed and assaulted in their own home. To prevent this kind of situation you should never open the door to strangers. No matter the stories they invent, if you do not know the people you should always suspect. To know who knocks on your door, you can install in your home an intercom camera. Thus, when someone touches your doorstep you can see the person (or persons) through video, in the intercom visor, and then decide whether you should open the door or not.

wireless internet cameras
wireless internet cameras

For those who want to keep their business under surveillance, it is possible to mount a camera (fixed or mobile) via the Internet. With this type of device you can monitor everything that happens in the space (room, facility, indoor) where the camera is installed. If you choose a mobile device, you can move the camera via the Internet commands, and thus follow the movements of people. You can for example be able to identify the assailants in the event of theft.

This type of device has many other applications, including monitor your employees when you're out, watch the babysitter of your children, monitor production areas and warehouses in a company, monitor the children while they play on the playground, monitor parking lots. ..

The possibilities are enormous and these same principles can be applied to cases of espionage and betrayal (in loving relationships).

For example, if you are a person who passes much time out and if you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, then you can install in your home a "camouflaged" micro camera, and so you will know who goes to your house and what your partner is doing in your absence.


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