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Wolfram Alpha Homepage

Updated on October 1, 2010

Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha, the team behind the immensely powerful computational software, Mathematica (used in scientific and mathematic circles worldwide) is at it again with a breakthrough search engine technology. They have brought us the world’s most easy to use and powerful computational search engine. The search engine is so powerful that, even Microsoft utilizes WolframAlpha for their search engine’s (Bing) computational results.

Behind the scenes, the search engine ( is based upon five million lines of Mathematica code which, upon launch, runs on a server farm of ten thousand CPUs. As a result, the search engine is capable of handling complex fact based searches in everyday language. Here are a few examples you can try in the Wolfram Alpha's search field:

  • Cost of living Miami versus New York?
  • x^2 sin(x)
  • Coordinates statue of liberty
Founder of Wolfram|Alpha - Stephen Wolfram
Founder of Wolfram|Alpha - Stephen Wolfram

Will WolframAlpha Replace Google?

 Due to the powerful nature of this search engine many people have speculated that it could end up replacing the search engine giant, Google. However, this will not happen as WolframAlpha is very different from Google in that it is a computational search engine and Google handles everyday queries. The WolframAlpha will compete directly with Wikipedia, many reference textbooks and manuals.


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