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The Word Pops App

Updated on January 3, 2012

The Word Pops App is an addicting word game for your smartphone. Connect letters to spell a word by dragging a finger across them. Each letter used must be adjacent to the previous letter, including diagonals. Once the letters are connected, the word pops and the letters below fill in the empty spaces. Don't look to hard, new letters keep appearing. As the game progresses, the letters appear faster. Once the board is filled up, the game is over.

Word Pop is harder then you think. Three is the minimum amount of letters to spell a word. You'll be lucky to get a five letter word. Some of the letters give rewards when they pop. A letter that has a fire background also pops all the letters adjacent to it. A letter with an ice background freezes the board and stops new letters from appearing for a while. This gives a nice chance to think and pop a couple words. The other patterned back grounds are bonus points.

The Word Pops App is fun for adults but would as be great for older kids. Trying to pop some words today.

The Word Pops App for Android


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