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WordPress Hosting from India

Updated on March 29, 2015
Author Chetan Bhagat uses WordPress
Author Chetan Bhagat uses WordPress

Many people will tell you that the world's best software for self-hosting is WordPress and they are right. WordPress is a blogging platform which permits you to acquire a pre-built website without any charges. It also gives you the ability to concentrate more on other significant factors such as the content, profits, or sales of your site.


Because of its usability and easy-to-use features, WordPress has been one of the most widely used blogging formats. You will be given a choice of whether to make your own WordPress blog or you can create it through

With WordPress, you can maximize your website's functionality. There are more than 8,000 plugins available for WordPress. A vast majority of them are free and empower the users without web development skills. You can optimize performance with Hyper Cache, optimize search engine rankings with SEO by Yoast, prevent your email from being found by spammers or use a possibly insecure contact form script, Contact Form 7 will allow you to create a simple form and give you the possibility to keep the code updated with a click.

You can find these plugins helpful because they will do the things that you need to enhance your website and all the code will be easily updated along with WordPress base system with a few clicks from the admin dashboard.

WordPress Installation

One of the benefits of using a popular content management system like WordPress is that a majority of hosting companies will allow you to install it automatically with a few clicks. All you need is search a company that uses cPanel. After completing your order, just login and search for Softaculous scripts, then search for WP and provide the necessary information.

WP Templates

There are countless themes that will make your website more appealing. You can change the appearance and feel of your website by uploading new themes to your domain. Most of these themes are free.

One of many free templates available for WP
One of many free templates available for WP | Source

Indian Local Providers of Hosting

A reliable service for WordPress hosting in India is SpeedHost.In which is one of India's most reliable and affordable web hosting services. SpeedHost.In will install WordPress on your hosting space for a one-time payment of Rs 500. Their method of payment includes online payment systems such as PayPal, Net Banking, credit card, or debit card.

After payment, you will have an activated account immediately. You can also get an activated account after 6-12 hours if you choose to pay with a check or cash deposit. SpeedHost.In is also the best in terms of servers and customer service. They recommend the use of the Basic Hosting for beginners.

WordPress hosting from India data centers also includes Hosting Raja. They offer a free .in domain with their optimized WordPress hosting plans . Hosting Raja claims to be the fastest, most reliable, and secure service when it comes to WordPress hosting. They offer unlimited sub-domains, FTP accounts, and email with a 99.9% uptime guarantee. They also include a MySQL Database and their control panel cPanel is very user-friendly.

A single click on the WordPress installation with the cPanel demo platform will conclude the whole installation. However, unlike SpeedHost, you will have to pay them monthly. The Gold hosting plan will require a monthly payment of Rs199 while Unlimited hosting is Rs299. If you are a Premium Gold user, you will pay Rs499. Premium Unlimited users pay Rs699 every month.

Alternative for Global Performance

If your business isn't limited by physical borders and you need a hosting solution that works decently for visitors across the globe you might consider SiteGround. It's one of the pioneers of the managed WordPress hosting.

By using software normally not available on shared hosting servers with thousands of clients, this managed hosting offers a premium performance for exceptional prices beginning at 200 Rs a month including a free WordPress installation.

If you don't believe me just google "managed wordpress hosting comparison" where you'll find dozens of stress tests comparing several companies and always giving SiteGround praises.

To complete the global performance bonus, activating Cloudflare is just another option available with a few clicks, making sure your website is replicated to dozens of servers across the world so that your visitors always access the closest server.


You must have a substantial amount of technical know-how if you want to set up and run a domain. The best option to start at WordPress would be to learn the dashboard and get a feel to know how WordPress works. Choosing what the best WordPress hosting will not matter if you do not know the basics on how to use it. You always contact a reliable Wordpress hosting provider to learn more about how to get the most out of your Wordpress site.

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