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Wordpress strategies to make you a rock star blogger

Updated on September 8, 2011


It is easy to blog. It is easy to set up a Wordpress blog, but let's face it, most people do it incorrectly and just keep blogging without any direction and without any audience. In this article, I will give you the strategies, tips and tricks that have made it easy for me to succeed as a blogger.

Save time by writing 3 to 5 future blog posts every single month.

The reason most bloggers do not keep up their blogs is that it is time consuming. I do not mean time consuming to sit down and write a blog post. That takes all of 20 minutes, but the time consuming part is getting into the mindframe to sit down and write the blog posts. You have other things on your mind and the thought of having to write a new blog post can be daunting.

However, once you start writing, you cannot stop and your mind has shifted to into this attitude that you DO have the time blog. It is just getting that kickstart that makes it difficult.

Bottom Line:You can probably write 5 blog posts in one day much faster and with less time than you can write 3 blog posts in 3 separate days. My advice to you is to write those 5 blog posts and get it done for the month. I have written 12 blog posts in one day and that has allowed me to publish blog posts for over 3 months in advance with a new blog post getting released each week.

Well, Wordpress allows you to predate your blog posts. In other works, you can publish a blog post today that will not display for 2 months. That is great, because this tip will save you time, a LOT of time.

One thing to keep track of with this strategy. It can cause you from keeping up with the times. That may not be a bad thing if the post you are writing about will still be valid in the next 2 months. Be mindfulof the trends that you are blogging about so your blog does not look outdated.

Under the publish tab, you can select the publish date and your blog post will not be published until that date has passed.

Use 3 categories for each blog post.

Yes, 3 is the most optimal number of categories. Any more, and you are committing “category spam”. Any less than 3 categories will cause you to lose good potential SEO rankings.

First thing is first, you need to change your default category from that ugly “uncategorized”. You can do it like this:

In your WP Admin, log in and go to SettingsàWriting.

Change the default under Default Post Category:

What is Category Spam?

Category spam is like keyword stuffing with Google and Yahoo. You are simply adding too many categories that make your blog look unnatural, and in the language of search engine optimization, irrelevant. Even if you add 10 categories that are all relevant, it still looks like spam. Determine what your 3 best categories are and save the others for other blog posts. I am sure the categories will repeat.

These are some of the Wordpress strategies I use on every blog. I have more blogs coming on how to handle comments and other tips.


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    • hotwebideas profile image

      Bruce Chamoff 5 years ago from New York

      Excellent hub and I often follow these strategies too. I also publish several at once and predate my blog posts.

      I also agree that publishing too much ahead of time causes your blog to fall out of date, but that goes with the territory.

      I also get a lot of subscribers from