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Workable Google PageRank Booster

Updated on September 10, 2014

Search Engine Optimization includes two kinds of activity which labeled as On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization. Nowadays, a lot of webmasters thought that if they have already optimized their site (optimize meta tags, keywords and contents - On-Page Optimization); they just can wait for the Free Traffic coming from the Search Engine. That is wrong at this Information Age! There is still another activity they must do which is Off-Page Optimization or better known as "Link Popularity" (How popular is your website in the view of other websites).

In order to get a "Link Popularity", your site must HAVE what we called as Back Link. There are two kinds of Back Link:

1. One-way Back Link

It is possible for your site to get One-Way Back Link if your website content is good in the view of other webmasters. So, they link to us, but we don't link back to them.

2. Two-way Back Link (Link Exchange)

In order to find a good Back Link, follow this rule of thumbs:

1. Your website content must have a qualify content

2. Find site which has the same topic or keyword with your website content

3. Find a link partner which has a high Google PageRank and the site that they kept your link do not contain more than 50 (fifty) links.

4. Get Back Link from different IP address

By using this kind of a good Back Link, it can help to boost your Google PageRank also. Remember, SEO method usually takes time, so please allow some time to pass when you want to implement the Google PageRank Booster method that I am going to describe in here, but as you get accustomed with it, you will find it easy to implement every time you find a niche market.

How to boost your Google PageRank?

1. Create a lot of articles within your niche market with the correct keywords and correct phrases to describe what your website is all about. I suggest that your website at least must contain around 50-100 pages. If you do not have time in creating article, you can use the PLR (Private Label Articles) that are sold, but remember not to copy directly the PLR content as your website content. It is always a good idea to modify it.

2. Create an internal links in between your website content. I recommend you to create at least 30-50 internal links.

3. Update your content often and on a consistent schedule. Search Engine love freshly updated content.

4. Create Back Link to your website from others blogs, forums, directories, Web 2.0, etc.

You need to generate at least 10,000 links so that you can get Google PageRank of 5. Don't be dazed with the 10,000 links. When you website reached 150 pages of content with forty or more links to other pages, Google's spiders will count these insider links as 6,000 links on condition that your website's content is alike. Please allow some time for this method to work.


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    • profile image 5 years ago

      Good info dude... thanks

    • techwap profile image

      techwap 7 years ago

      thanks my freind i also submite now my hup you can chake

      and this is my do follow blogs directory

    • Hery Yansen profile image

      Hery 9 years ago

      Sure I will. Thanks a lot!

    • courtsantos profile image

      courtsantos 9 years ago from Seatlle, WA

      Let me know if you have updated this hub page with new information in the future, I'll pass the word around!

    • Hery Yansen profile image

      Hery 9 years ago

      Thank you, CourtSantos

    • courtsantos profile image

      courtsantos 9 years ago from Seatlle, WA

      This is good to know