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Working With the Edit Menu of Microsoft Office Excel 2003

Updated on April 25, 2016
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Working With the Edit Menu of Microsoft Office Excel 2003

Making Changes Using Edit Command

The edit menu of Microsoft Office Excel 2003 provides a number of important editing commands useful for making changes to an Excel document. For instance there is the undo tool that will help you to undo or cancel out unwanted changes you may have applied to your work. In Excel 2007, this menu has been changed, most of its features are available on the Home Tab Ribbon.

Tools on Edit Menu of Microsoft Office Excel 2003

  • Undo typing – this is the first command we encounter on opening the edit menu. You use it to revert back the recent changes you have made on your file. For instance, if you delete part or all of your work unintentionally, you can simply go to Edit and click on undo. It is also much easier to use the short cut ctrl + Z on your Keyboard. You will find most short cuts indicated on the menus.
  • Cut – this command is useful when you want to move your data from one point to another. Simply highlight the data you want to move, click cut and then right click on the destination and paste it. Alternatively, click on the destination where you want to paste and press the enter key.
  • Copy – it is for duplicating data. For instance you can highlight your data in sheet 1 copy it and then paste it in sheet 2.

The Office Clipboard on Microsoft Office Excel 2003

  • Office clipboard – the office clipboard holds text, images, and other objects that you copy or cut. They stay here until they are deleted or replaced. You can reuse these items by pasting them anywhere else in your document.
  • Paste – this command is used together with the copy and cut commands. It is for pasting (transferring) data to the desired position after copying or cutting.
  • Paste special – it is for pasting the contents that you have copied, but you select an option for pasting for instance you can paste whatever you have copied as a Microsoft Office Word document object, as a picture, HTML, Unicode text or as a simple text.

Using the Paste Special Option

The paste special option tool
The paste special option tool | Source

Tools on Edit Menu of Microsoft Office Excel 2003

  • Fill – the fill command is used to set data to be used to automatically fill a repeating pattern. For instance, if you want to write numbers 1 to 100, you can do it simply by using the fill command. Type 1 on the begging cell, click on the 1 you have typed, go to Edit > Fill, select fill. If you want your numbers to go down, select column, set the start value as 1 and the stop value as 100. Click okay and the numbers will be automatically filled.
  • Clear – use this command to clear or erase any of the following; all, formats, contents, and comments.
  • Delete – this command is used to delete contents where you can shift cells left, shift cells up, delete entire row, and delete entire column.

The Find and Replace Tool

Find and replace tool
Find and replace tool | Source

Tools on Edit Menu of Microsoft Office Excel 2003

  • Delete Sheet – you do not need your worksheet any longer? Use this command to delete it. Make sure there is no data that you need because if there is, it will be lost permanently.
  • Move or copy sheet – using this command, you can be able to copy or move your worksheet to another workbook or to the same workbook but now in a different position for instance before a specific sheet or you can move it to the end.
  • Find – this tool is very similar to that of Microsoft word, you use it to find contents within your worksheet. You can use it to find a word, a phase, numbers and even formulas that you want to locate within your worksheet. Note: the search will only take place on the selected worksheet.

Tools on Edit Menu

  • Replace – this is a find and replace tool. Use it to find specific content from your worksheet and replace it with whatever content you want. Suppose you have made a thousand entries on your Excel worksheet, there is a word 'citizens' recurring over three hundred times, and you want to replace it with 'residents. The only best thing to do is to find the word 'citizens' and replace with 'residents'.
  • Go to – you can use the 'Go To' command to take you to specific areas you want for instance you can go to a formula, comments, objects, and constants among others.

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