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Working with the Insert Menu of Microsoft Office Excel 2003

Updated on February 15, 2016
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Working with the Insert Menu of Microsoft Office Excel 2003

The insert menu has useful commands that help us to insert a number of things to a worksheet.

  • Cells – Use this command to insert cells you may have skipped or additional ones you want. Specify whether you want to shift cells right or down.
  • Rows – this command helps you to insert a row. For instance if you want to insert a row between row 3 and 4, click on row 4 the go to insert > rows.

The Insert Menu of Excel 2003

The Insert Menu
The Insert Menu | Source


  • Columns – use this command to insert columns to your worksheet. Using an example like the one above, if you want to insert a column between A and B, click on column B then go to insert columns. An empty column will be inserted.
  • Worksheet – this is the command you use to add extra worksheets.
  • Chart – this tool is for inserting charts which can be used for data presentation and analysis.

Inserting Symbols in Excel 2003

  • Symbols – Use this command to insert symbols and special characters to your worksheet.
  • Page break – this tool is for inserting a page break on your work sheet. This can be useful when defining pages before printing.
  • Functions – functions are predefined formulas that perform calculations by using specific values, called arguments, in a particular structure. This command is used to launch these formulas where you choose the one you intend to use.

The Insert Function Wizard of MS Excel

The insert function wizard
The insert function wizard | Source

Diagram Gallery

The insert diagram dialog box
The insert diagram dialog box | Source

Inserting Comments and Pictures in MS Excel

  • Comment – use this command to insert a comment on your worksheet cells. These comments could be anything from something you want to remember to an elaborate formula explanation.
  • Picture – this command is useful for inserting a number of items for instance clip arts, auto shapes, word art and organization chart.
  • Diagram – use this tool to insert the diagram type you want, this could be an organization chart which is used to show hierarchical relationships, cycle diagrams, radial diagram, pyramid, Venn diagram and target diagram.

Symbols Option

Insert symbol option
Insert symbol option | Source

Inserting a Hyperlink

  • Objects – this command can be used to insert objects like flash document, media clip, Microsoft Equations 3, Microsoft graph chart, video clip, calendar control, windows media player and many others.
  • Hyperlink – a hyperlink is a link from a document that opens another page or file when you click it. Use this tool to link to a web page, picture, an email address, a program or even another file.

Procedure: Click on where the link will appear, go to insert hyperlink, type the web address on the address area at the bottom of the dialogue box. Alternatively, if you want to link to a file saved on your computer click on it by selecting it from the list provided. You can type the text to display, this could be like the heading of the file being linked to and the screen tip, this the message that appears once you hover your mouse on top of the link.

Inserting Chart in Excel

The chart wizard
The chart wizard | Source

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