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Workshop Accident And Fire Outbreak Prevention In HubPages

Updated on February 13, 2016
Workshop Fire
Workshop Fire


I want to use this medium to congratulate you on your new appointment in that office of yours. Come to think of it, I want to ask you. How would you have thought you’ld have coped with all those accident risks in these new job you got there. I am not trying to scare you, but it is a fact that cannot be overlooked. Do you think you can make it, working in this environment for many years to come now without an accident or an outbreak of fire? The answer is “YES.” With God all things are possible you’ld say but don’t forget that ‘Heaven helps those who help themselves.’ So now I counsel you to continue reading this hub and even purchase some ads presented in this HubPage.

Talking of workshop accident, workshop accident is that unforeseen or unexpected fire outbreak which occur in a workshop .

Prevention, they say is better than cure. In essence, it is better to stop an accident from happening rather than trying to deal with the problem after it had happened.

Therefore a need to strictly adhere to workshop safety rules and regulations should be revisited from time to time and that was the very reason why I have decided to write this hub titled Successful Workshop Fire Accident Prevention Measures.

Accident Prevention Tips

Generally, workshop accident is an unpleasant occurrence that happens unexpectedly and causes injury or damage. This is why we need to learn some accident safety tips which can be achieved through the followings:

  1. 1. Availability of accident safety devices
  2. 2. Utilization of safety devices.
  3. 3. Proper training of staff to use the safety devices.
  4. 4. Reading and following the manufacturer’s instructions on the user manual.
  5. 5. Following proper workshop dressing code and outlawing improper dress code such as:
  6. a. loose clothing
  7. b. scarves and neck ties
  8. c. wristwatches and jewelries
  9. 6. Wearing appropriate factory outfit and helmet.

The following methods can prevent accidents while working in the workshop. They include:

  1. Using of proper and right tools for each job at hand.
  2. Keeping to the foreman or supervisor’s instructions.
  3. Avoidance of oily, greasy or wet floor in order to prevent slipping and falling. But if you must work in that environment, then wear a slip proof shoe always.
  4. Keep away chipped sharp metals or broken bottles to prevent them piercing and injuring the body.
  5. Avoid using old or worn-out tools.
  6. Concentrate and focus on the job at hand rather than chatting or playing around.
  7. Be alert while doing sensitive jobs with machines, tools or chemicals.

Types of Workshop Accidents

They are various types of workshop accidents among which are:

  1. Injury from broken bottles or metallic objects.
  2. Body injury from spoilt machine or tools.
  3. Contact of acidic or corrosive chemicals on the physical body.
  4. Electrocution.
  5. Suffocation
  6. Fall from height.
  7. Toxic gas emitting and inhalation
  8. Fire outbreak.

Workshop Safety Devices

These are tools, equipments and devices used to prevent accidents and harm on a person in a workshop. These devices include:

  1. Factory apparel: This protects the entire body against fire or chemical accidents while working in the factory.
  2. Safety Boot: This is for preventing corrosive and acidic liquids or sharp objects to have contact with the legs or feet while working.
  3. Dark Spectacles: The use of this prevents high intensity light or radio-active rays to harm the eyes or retina.
  4. Hand Gloves: This is for preventing cuts from sharp metals, electric shocks from live wires and acidic liquids.
  5. Helmet: This is used to protect the head from severe injury in case of fall or object hitting the head.
  6. Safety Belt: Working on a height requires the use of safety belt to fasten one to a strong support in case of fall at the damage of the ladder or freight in use.
  7. Ear Pad: This is an object that resembles the headphone without speakers but pad to block explosive or extreme sound that might damage the eardrum.
  8. Good Ventilation & Fan: This has to do with the provision of good fans and ventilating devices.

Workshop Fire Accident

Workshop fire accidents are mishaps or occurrences of fire outbreaks in a factory or workshop. Fire accidents are classified into three main categories. They are:

  1. Electrical fire
  2. Chemical fire
  3. Wood, paper and cloth fire.

Electrical Fire: Electrical fire is the type of fire outbreak that occurs as a result of a fault in the electrical circuit. An example is the situation where there is a partial contact between positive (+) and a negative (-) wires.

Another instance of electrical fire is the case of using a low grade ampere accessory on a high grade power supply. An example can be drawn from a 13 amps plug used to power a 1,500 watts electric cooker or heater.

Chemical Fire: This is the type of fire that occurs from materials such as inflammable gases and liquids like spirit, diesel, thinner, turpentine, kerosene, petrol, etc and therefore they should be located far away from fire source.

Wood, Paper and Cloth:

These materials are called solid fuels, so because of that they can easily be set on fire. Many people do underestimate the risk of positioning these materials near fire or intense heat due to their state of solidity.

I will in this hub therefore recommend some fire fighting equipments to combat fire whenever it breaks out in a workshop.

Fire Extinguisher

This is a cylindrical metal painted red containing chemicals such as soda and acid for putting out small fire.


  1. a. Hold it uprightly.
  2. b. Withdraw safety cap or pull off the safety pin.
  3. c. Press the lever fully down.
  4. d. Point the nozzle at the base of the fire but not at the surface of the fire.

Sand Bucket

This is an iron bucket painted red and loaded with dry sand for putting out small fire.


  1. Simply sprinkle the sand to cover the fire. Do not add water. The carbon in sand will act as pressure to put off that fire.

Fire Blanket

The fire blanket is manufactured from woven fibre glass (that is yarn made from glass material). It resembles woven sac and is good for combating domestic and industrial fire outbreaks.


  1. Remove blanket from the case.
  2. For domestic use, gently place the blanket on the fire to choke oxygen out the blazing fire.
  3. For industrial fire, wrap yourself tightly with the blanket for protection against the fire.

Fire Alarm

This is a siren made to alert the people if there is a fire out-break when the switch is booton is presses.


  1. There is usually a glass seal covering the swith pad of a fire alarm device. Just break or hit the glass with something and this will trigger off the alarm immediately.
  1. Do not play with this device when there is no fire outbreak. This could lead to a stampede or some form of unforeseen accident.

With all these tips and advice I hope you will have a wonderful and safe working time in your work place. So fear not. Says the lord!


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      Johnson 6 months ago

      This realy helped me in developing content matter in a lesson plan on Basic Technology. Thanks a bunch!

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      Michael Adewale Olubode 5 years ago from Celestial Church of Christ, +2347067550237.

      I cannot die lilly. Only my body could be terminated. Even then I'll just acquire a better one.

      Talk about physical death. Non of those who have made comments here will die! I shouldn't be worried about that either because if that happens to me it is better for me.

      I think it is you who needs to be worried sick about death, so accept Jesus Christ now and He will save you.

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      lilly 5 years ago

      if you die am not concerend

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      Michael Adewale Olubode 5 years ago from Celestial Church of Christ, +2347067550237.

      Thanks all for the complements.

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      gift felix 5 years ago

      thanks micadeolu for the information

    • micadeolu profile image

      Michael Adewale Olubode 5 years ago from Celestial Church of Christ, +2347067550237.

      Its a pleasure Timpon Lasur

    • profile image

      Timpon Lasur, 5 years ago

      This piece is very educative. It has really educated me on workshop safety. Thanks a lot sir

    • micadeolu profile image

      Michael Adewale Olubode 6 years ago from Celestial Church of Christ, +2347067550237.

      Need some tips on accident or fire prevention? Common in and learn from hubpages now. You may even buy some accident prevention products on the page.