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World Population on the Internet

Updated on August 30, 2010

James bond said, “The world is not enough”. This statement very well suits our current scenario. One of the most powerful technologies of the present and the future, the Internet, which will no longer stop to take over the whole dynamics of work home and fun from the hearts and minds of people. It was earlier that Steven Spielberg directed a few movies which showed some hi-fi gadgets and survival of the technological world. It is now history that Isac Asimov pointed out to-human beings being replaced by artificial intelligence.

People worldwide

World on the Internet
World on the Internet

In the early 80’s of the twentieth century, computer finally reached the common man in the form of a box on the table; shrinking from the gigantic size of a room and showed some power with crashing time at least of an year. No longer than that, the defence departments of the U.S. found a much better use of computers as connected together. The birth of a network - when two computers were joined together to share and communicate with each other.

The word was out when network technology was started for being used in different forms. The launch of Microsoft Windows, marked another era in the history of mankind. With the new graphical user interface, the black & white screen and the keyboard became a thing of the past. The world entered into a new phase of having mouse clicks and visual aid in colors.

Internet technology started catching up when Microsoft started providing the services of electronic mails commonly known as Email and several Search Engines started to appear on the Internet marketplace. Sharing of information along with other advantages opened a new market for the entire world to look forth. No longer, a person was needed to go to the Library to search for some information. Perhaps, if someone needs to search something in a California Library while sitting in Ohio or Washington, there was no longer a need to travel all the way. The computer at California University can simply upload the relevant information and the person sitting at the New York University can simply download the information. The medium for this transaction being the Internet-electronic waves and signals travelling through air with the means of satellite and cables over vast spaces of land to make the information reach from one end to the other.

Today, the dependence of people on Internet has increased. With advancements in technology and new age gadgets like hi-speed mobile phones, Think pads, Laptops, Wireless etc. the possibilities are endless and information searching has become a child’s play. 6 billion people trotting the earth and English being the major language of communication, it counts for 37.2% of the net Internet usage. Recent estimate states that close to 1.9 billion people from various continents access the Internet worldwide and has shown a growth rate of 444% over the last decade, the day is not far when the total number of Internet users will be much closer to the population of the world.

Internet Websites
Internet Websites

The maximum number of users with a rapidly growing rate comes from the continent of Asia having the two largest populated countries, India and China. In a recent survey, Asia covers a percentage of 42% for the overall Internet user population of the world,i.e., 825 million users worldwide followed by Europe at 24%. The world average penetration rate of Internet is around 28% where United States of America scores the highest penetration rate of 77%.

The day is not far when the whole world will be connected by all means, virtually and will help in achieving the target of being global and connected.


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