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Airplane Boneyards, Aircraft Graveyards and Cemeteries

Updated on December 5, 2015

The Worlds Greatest Airplane Graveyards, cemeteries or Aircraft Boneyards, house thousands of mothballed military vehicles. Many ranging from second World War fighter bombers and torpedo Airplanes to Helicopters, Jump Jets, Jet Fighters and massive transport airplanes.

America and Russia have the largest Airplane graveyards and old military stockpiles in the world, but most countries also have their own vehicle graveyards, with up to 4000 vehicles or airplanes in each one.

America and other countries offer daily trips around certain airplane graveyards, ( and ship graveyards ) which can make an awesome adventure.

Most of these vehicles have just been put into temporary storage when they are not required due to surplus requirements, but unfortunately, many will never be used again as they are usually superseded by newer models within a short space of time.

These planes will end their lives in the these vehicle graveyards, and will soon be made into razor blades, tin cans or door hinges.

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Davis Monthan Air Force Base

Americas largest airplane cemetery for military aircraft is the Davis Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona, and can hold over 4000 military aircraft of all descriptions. Opened in 1946, as a place to store some of the hundreds of thousands of Second World War aircraft which were no longer needed.

Now the aircraft graveyard contains many never before seen flying machines, prototypes which never made it to active service, and F111S, F14 Tomcats as well as the giant C5A Galaxy transport planes.

Many of the aircraft, such as the F14 Tomcats, will be stripped down and then shipped all over the world as spare parts for other nations strike forces. The rest of the plane, mainly the fuselage, will eventually be scrapped and turned into tin cans or light fittings.

Free Link To: Fantastic Military Vehicle Graveyard Photographs


There are daily tours operating around the Aircraft Graveyard, Monthan Airplane Graveyard Tickets are available, giving an exciting view of modern day planes, and the colossal size of some of the transport planes, and are arranged by Pima Air and Space Museum.

Davis Mothana is also used as a storage base for over 300 B52 Bombers, which have had their wings sawn off, in compliance with the disarmament agreement with Russia. They are just sitting there so as Soviet satellites can gain photographic proof of their destruction.

Also stored at this base are the disarmed Titan Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, which were designed to carry nuclear warheads. This airplane cemetery is an insight into the American military might of the air, this is one of over twenty in the USA and is an awesome sight, filling tourists with pure American pride

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Commercial Airplane Graveyards

Just like the airplanes for military use, there are also Commercial Airplane Grave yards. These hold hundreds of decommissioned jumbo jets, waiting to be stripped of their precious metals and re-useable parts. These graveyards fill rapidly in times of economical hardship, just after 9/11, many hundreds of passenger jets were sent here for storage, as the decline in passenger numbers took a heavy toll on airlines, and it is cheaper to store a plane than to keep it at an airport.

Between 2008-9, airline companies all over the world sent fleets of aircraft to storage air bases because of the economical disaster that covered the globe. It has been known for a passenger jumbo jet to come of the assembly line, brand new, and be flown straight to an airplane graveyard, without carrying a single passenger, simply because of financial problems. Once the jet engine came into operation, thousands of propeller planes began to fill the desserts of America's aircraft cemeteries.

Free Link To: More Amazing Military Aircraft Graveyards Photographs

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Sunken tanks, Jeeps, and aircraft from World War Two.

D-Day Sherman tanks sunk as they left their carriers. Japanese cargo ships sank with hundreds of tanks, jeeps, and trucks aboard.

German and Japanese aircraft shot down and resting on the sea bed, virtually intact.

Awesome images.


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    • profile image

      Craig 5 years ago

      Hi. Ok, a couple of quick notes; First, the Pentagon has now STOPPED the sale of ANY parts from the F14 Tomcats at AMARC (Davis-Monthan AFB) since is has been determined that 'bad guys' were using back door tactics to get their hands on sensetive parts. All remaining F14s will now fall to the recycler's blade. Second, while the development of jets did leave older prop-driven aircraft behind, as commercial carriers go, turbo-prop aircraft have done quite nicely. This includes the US Navy's use of the Lockheed P3 Orian anti-sub, martime patrol platform. This, of course, was developed from the company's earlier Electra series. Just wanted to weigh in. Thanks.

    • profile image

      j ten 7 years ago

      I have a jet tomcat F-14A toy and it's a old collectable item FOR SALE! and in good condition.