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Worpress plugins that can save your multiauthor blog

Updated on January 9, 2015

Maintaining a blog with more than one author can be tricky. Here are the plugins that will make your work much easier.

Jetpack by

Jetpack is something I recommend for everyone using the Wordpress platform. It is a plugin that allows you to harness all the power of a blog on your own server. All it requires is a account associated with one of the admin accounts on your Wordpress installation.

Jetpack contains:

  • Custom CSS (edit style sheets directly from the dashboard)
  • Spam-protected contact forms
  • Additional sidebar widgets, such as the Image and Twitter Feed
  • Post by Email
  • Shortcodes
  • Math beautification
  • Spell Correction
  • Shortlinking
  • Likes
  • Related Posts
  • Social Sharing
  • Statistics
  • Performance enhancing backend
  • Security
  • Spam protection (through Akismet)
  • Email subscription
  • ...and much, much more.

Organize Series by Darren Ethier

Taxonomy is a word you'll learn quickly as a Wordpress user. It is the way everything in the platform is grouped. Categories, tags and post formats are part of the taxonomy.

The power of Wordpress is that you are not limited by the taxonomies that already exist, you can create your own. Darren Ethier created Organize Series, a plugin that creates the taxonomy term Series and several custom fields to fill these out.

With this plugin, you can create several series on your blog and give each post in the series an issue number. You can then present the series in a much better way than for example tags or categories let you.

Insert Post Ads by WPBeginner

Aside from the customizability, one of the biggest drive to host your own Wordpress site is the ability to get ad revenue and make money from doing what you love.

Placement of ads is important and a lot of times you want to put ads in the middle of posts, but you cannot always trust all your authors to remember to put in the shortcode for the ad, or even know how to do that.

Insert Post Ads helps you with this by letting you set a global ad scheme for all your posts and pages. Set if you want the ad to show at the beginning of a post, at the end or after a number of paragraphs. That's all you need to do, the plugin will then place the ads automatically where you specified it.

This is also useful if you have information you wish to give all your readers, as it allows you to enter a text snippet, an image or whatever else you want at the top of every post and page on the site.

Quick Featured Images by Martin Stehle

As an editor working with several authors, I can vouch that people have different levels of understanding of the blogging platform. It is not the writer's job to keep track of all the functions and the impact of them on the blog.

That's why I fell in love with Quick Featured Images! This plugin takes care of every aspect of featured images (or thumbnails, as they were called a few years back). You can actively and retroactively set, replace or delete featured images in bulk.

If you're just starting out, QFI can set a featured image automatically based on any taxonomy term, such as author, tag or category. You just feed it one image you want to be the featured image, and QFI takes care of the rest

If you have had your blog for a while and only just now discovered the greatness of featured images, QFI lets you retroactively set up these in bulk using the same tools.

This plugin saved me days worth of work when I recently needed to retroactively set 7 different author's featured images for 3 years worth of posts. After botching up a database quickfix, every single post ended up with a very ugly picture. There are over 1100 posts on that blog and with the help of QFI, I could fix all featured images in less than 5 minutes and make sure the image is never forgotten again.

StarBox by Florin Muresan and SEO Squirrly

With more than one author on the blog, you would most likely want the readers to know who wrote what they just read. A tiny name at the top and/or bottom of the post doesn't really cut it and very few readers will actually click that tiny name to get more information. That makes the blog seem very impersonal and cold.

With an author box, you'll show the readers who wrote the article and what that author looks like. The standard author box that comes with Jetpack is good and all, but it could be much better.

Enter StarBox, the Author Box for HUMANS. This plugin provides a sleek looking author box that gives more than the name and face of the author. Each author can fill out their biography and their title and the box will even show the most recent posts from that author, all without taking up a large chunk of space better used for other things.

User Role Editor by Vladimir Garagulya

Wordpress gives you several user roles: Admin, Contributor, Subscriber and Editor.

Each of these have their own set of permissions, ranging from just reading the blog to being able to change every aspect of it. Sometimes this is not enough!

As I mentioned earlier, different people have different understanding of the platform and sometimes you want to restrict some users from doing things you know they might not know too much about. If you want them to be able to publish their own posts, you have to give them the rank of Editor, but that also gives them the rights to upload images. What if you don't want them to upload their own images? Then you have to give them the role of Contributor, but then they won't be able to publish their posts...

User Role Editor puts you in charge of the roles. You can add new roles and set up the exact permissions for every role. You can even change the permissions of the default roles (except for administrator, of course).

The plugin is so intuitive that it will automatically add tickboxes for permissions from other plugins as you add them.

WP Review by MyThemeShop

Do you review products on your blog? Then you need WP Review!

This plugin gives you a ratings box for the product you are reviewing. You can chose to display your rating in any scale using stars, points or percentage. You can then place the box anywhere in the post, or use a global setting to always put the box in the same place, like at the top or bottom of the post.

The review box is fully customizable, lightweight and comes with a widget to show the most popular or most recent reviews in the sidebar.

© 2015 Chris Carlsson


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