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Would You be Willing to go to Mars?

Updated on October 26, 2016

Rocket Launch

NASA Atlas Rocket Launch
NASA Atlas Rocket Launch

How Long Would it Take to get There?

Saying that you don't blow up into a million pieces on the way. Or get exposed to radiation. Or run out of food and water and starve to death. Or get abducted by aliens... You are looking at about 8 months for a one way trip to mars. Meaning going to Mars and back would take you about a year and a half with today's technologies.

The Mars mission is planning to keep humans on Mars for a few years before ordering them to return home to Earth.

Capsule Landing

SpaceX Landing Capsule on Mars Surface
SpaceX Landing Capsule on Mars Surface

What's the Pay?

Okay, so when you are deciding on whether to go to Mars or not, you are probably not thinking about what the pay is like. You are deciding whether the adventure and danger is worth it.

Although, for those worried about pay, you can expect to receive about 100,000 US dollars. Not bad at all! Of course, you will have to wait until you return to Earth to actually get the money. Unless you request some in advance for a cosmic burger stop.

Again, most people don't consider pay when choosing to go to Mars. Although, it is something to think about.

Chances of Dying

If is wasn't for the chance of dying, I believe a lot of people would opt to become astronauts. However, the chance is very real. NASA says that you have about a 1 in 100 chance of dying while on a shuttle mission. While going to mars is not a shuttle, this can give you a good idea.

I personally believe your chances of dying are a little greater than this, however. There were far less manned shuttle launches than 100 and more than 1 of them failed. Think about challenger and its crew. (Just a side note, the crew on board the challenger were thought to have survived the initial explosion. Dying when they hit the water below at an estimated 280 MPH).

Space Shuttle

Space Shuttle Challenger Breaks up Mid-Flight
Space Shuttle Challenger Breaks up Mid-Flight

Would You go to Mars?

Sure, there are chances of dying. And sure, you would be away from friends and family. Unless of course they decided to come with you.

But the adventure would be incredible! Think about being the first person to land on Mars. Nobody would ever forget your name! The sights would be out of this world. Not trying to be punny! (Okay, I'll stop).

Going to Mars would be an incredible journey that you would never forget. Alright, lets take out the risk of dying. Would you go then? Maybe one day technologies will be so great that the chances of dying are smaller than dying in a car crash. It would be a complete game changer.

Be sure to also check out my other article on colonizing Mars. It is very interesting and brings up many questions.

Astronaut Crew

Crew of Space Shuttle Columbia Which Broke up on Re-Entry
Crew of Space Shuttle Columbia Which Broke up on Re-Entry

Trip to Mars

Would You go on a Trip to Mars?

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