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Writing A Blog Ideas

Updated on June 3, 2015

Blog Ideas

Every blogger who hits a wall with nothing else to write about well naturally looks for something to write about until that instinct returns that naturally directs them with topics to write about. So if you are suddenly out of ideas to write about here are a few for you to consider.

  • Write a short story. Sure to get your imagination running again.
  • Publish the best comments your blog has received throughout history(since your started blogging).
  • Tell a joke. Everyone likes a good laugh.
  • Ask a rhetorical question on your blog. You could really get a discussion/debate going.
  • Really looking for some comments post a lie. IF you are okay with it. People won't help but be able to comment and "correct" you.
  • Share food recipes that you like and use.
  • Thank your audience/followers for following you.
  • Post a wise quote.
  • Dare your readers to do something. then have the comment back with how it went.
  • Run a contest any will do you can always do a photo contest which is really popular.
  • Interview someone unexpectedly.

Happy Blogging!

Now stop reading and get to doing what you do best! Blogging!!!

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