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7 YouTubers You Should Subscribe To

Updated on January 9, 2017

Tom Scott

Since joining YouTube in 2006, Tom Scott has published hundreds of informational videos, and amassed over 694,000 subscribers. From reading binary to SPF ratings, you are guaranteed to learn something new.



Evan Puschak, also known as Nerdwriter1, has been producing high-quality analyses of internet culture, films, and politics, sine 2011, and has attracted over 1 million subscribers. With video titles including "Why Donald Trump Is A Gift To Democracy" and "How To Understand A Picasso", there are plenty of opportunities to delve into mind-opening concepts.



Produced by the creators of Vsauce, DONG (Do Online Now Guys) curates an array of websites perfect for procrastination, from a map of people who are sick to an eye test, there are ideas for everyone.


The School of Life

The School of Life has playlists covering topics such as literature, sociology, history, architecture, philosophy, politics, and more. Most of the videos are narrated by the same comforting voice, and have the same flowing animation style.



Despite having a focus on contemplating our place in the universe with the running theme of death, Exurb1a's expert use of dark satire is constantly engaging. His channel is continually growing, and currently has over 252,000 subscribers.


You Suck At Cooking

From the same talented individual who creates Casually Explained videos, You Suck At Cooking is a unique blend of HowToBasic and genuine cooking tutorials. The channel has over 520,000 subscribers, and more than 50 uploads, with a new video every fortnight(ish).



Winston, also known as Serpentza, is a British South African who has lived in Shenzhen, China, since 2006. He uploads vlogs and informational videos about living in China, such as common scams and buying property, as well as insightful comparisons with other countries.

These are some of the most interesting YouTube channels, perfect for an afternoon of procrastination. Other good channels include Photonicinduction, TheKosmic8, Atlas Obscura, and Tinkernut. Vote for your favourite from the list below.

Which channel is the best?

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    • phoenix2327 profile image

      Zulma Burgos-Dudgeon 10 months ago from United Kingdom

      I've seen some of Tom Scotts video. I think they're pretty cool.