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Yahoo Link Domain To Know How Many Links You Have

Updated on March 1, 2011

Yahoo LinkDomain

Yahoo is well known as a search engine. But in the SEO's point of view, it provides webmasters some really cool and interesting facilities to get information about a particular site without making you use any third party software or analytic service. We are all curious to know the number of links pointing to our site as well as to our competitor's site. So you can get this information for free if you make use of yahoo link domain search facility.

Actually this is a command or phrase that you have to enter in the search bar of yahoo to get the information regarding links, such as number of links, source of links, etc.

How To Use It

Using this search technique is really simple and you would get the results instantaneously. just enter the following in the search bar.


Example : linkdomain:

And I am really amazed to see the number of links to hubpages. I came to know about this tool from the free video series of Court, the teacher of KWA used to say, stop thinking about hundreds of links and starting thinking about thousands and even tens of thousands of them. And that's why he introduced the tool to know the real potentil of your neighbors, competitors and yourself. Just try this tool. Go to yahoo home page and enter the above phrase in the search bar. That's it. You would get a lot of information like total number of links, number of links apart from those from that particular domain, sources of links, website names and URL, etc.

You can use this tool on a regular basis to test the competition and link density for several websites with various niches. If you have more quality links than one of your competitors, then you would succeed. So you can make it happen with the help of this free search facility.

It is More Accurate

I suggest you to use this tool whenever you discover niches using Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Free WordTracker, etc. You can make sure that you can succeed in that particular keyword if the diplayed information of yahoo link domain is favorable to you. I tried and tested this tool in my blog and my friend's blog yesterday and the result was that we could discover more links that other services like BacklinkWatcher, etc. failed to provide.


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    • profile image

      y8 car 6 years ago

      I often use to search for backlink

    • HubMania profile image

      HubMania 7 years ago from India

      Hey bro, I am really happy and thanking you a lot. You have a got a lot of great tips too. Let me find one and I will do the same. Thanks again.

    • bonbondude profile image

      bonbondude 7 years ago from Islamabad, Pakistan

      Just gave this hub a link from

      I think its awesome info for any one looking to embark their quest for back-links and learn some authentic SEO!

    • bonbondude profile image

      bonbondude 7 years ago from Islamabad, Pakistan

      Awesome hub man! better than backlink watch. I'll definitely edit my back link quest hub and give you a link back from there :) keep up the good work