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Funny Yahoo Mail Login Story | YahooMail Free Features

Updated on November 18, 2010

Why You Should Get a Yahoo Mail Login

Hey look. I don't know about you but I have many email accounts. I have a couple of old Hotmail accounts, at least 5 Gmail accounts and a brand new Yahoomail account. So you might be wondering what is the need for all these email accounts?

Well, my Hotmail accounts are from back in the day when Web based email first came out and Hotmail was an independent email provider on the web. This was back before it got bought by Microsoft (yes, there was indeed such a time). Microsoft did not invent Hotmail.

Then I had a Yahoomail account which I would use primarily for Yahoo Messenger. Those were the days of the great AOL Instant Messenger and some nerds like me also had the Yahoo Messenger because we wanted to be different.

I remember that most email inboxes then would give you a very small amount of space to save email so you had to keep deleting old emails. Ahh! Kids these days dont know how rough it was for us.

Then Came Gmail

I remember when Gmail came out, it was huge. You could only get an account "by invitation." I was one of the last people to get on Gmail because I was a purist *scoff*. I was happy with my Hotmail and Yahoomail and whatnot and did not require any new fangled email service.

But the near unlimited email space sold me and I finally got a Gmail account too. But by then my old Yahoo mail login got suspended from lack of use (the Yahoo Messenger days for gone for me). I did not need Yahoomail anymore and I spent the next three years happy with my Gmail and old Hotmail accounts.

The Return of the Yahoomail Login

Large portals that offer a multitude of service with just one account have finally figured out how to lure people to create new accounts with them. One of the reasons I loved Gmail was because I could use that same login to access all of Google's features such as Calendar and Docs.

But guess what? Yahoo just got better. I decided to get a brand new Yahoo mail login so that I could access some of the cool features that Yahoo had as well. For me, those were the venerable Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Site Explorer, Messenger (yes I had a relapse) and Yahoo Maps. And in this case having a single Yahoo Mail Login could get me into all these different services including Yahoomail.

Some Cool Yahoo Features

One of the main reasons to get a Yahoo Mail Login is that you can use it to access other value added services such as:

  • Yahoo Finance - The industry standard in free data and analysis
  • Flickr - The Famous Photo Website is now owned by Yahoo.
  • Yahoomail - As good as Gmail
  • Yahoo Games - Best Free Games such as Poker
  • Yahoo Answers - Compete with other Know-it-Alls to be the best Know-it-All

Already got a Yahoomail account? Get another one!

Why? You can use one like as a personal account and another as your work email and yet another as the email you give out when you register for other services around the internet. You may even want to have separate identities online.

There are very good reason to keep your professional and personal identities separate. If you are into digital marketing then have a Yahoo mail login only for digital and affiliate marketing purposes. This will allow you to sign up for informational products using just that account.

Other Reasons

Don't have a Yahoo mail login yet?

Well, one reason to get a new Yahoo Mail Login is to avail of Yahoo's new features. Another is that it is simply in your interest to have accounts with more than one email service. Use your different accounts for different purposes. My Hotmail account is for personal emails whereas my Gmail account is for work related stuff and my Yahoo mail login is for value added services.

So Why not? Get them all. They are all free and If you are really smart. You can figure out a way of accessing all your email from one account by either forwarding your email or by using PoP email features.


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      rds 6 years ago

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      sally guadalupe 7 years ago

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