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Yahoo Mail Medical Marijuana Theme

Updated on April 27, 2013
Yahoo's Bamboo Marijuana, or BM, theme.
Yahoo's Bamboo Marijuana, or BM, theme. | Source
Real Bamboo Leaves
Real Bamboo Leaves | Source

The New Yahoo Mail Medical Marijuana Theme!

Looks like Yahoo is on board with supporting marijuana, or at least you would believe that by browsing their email themes! If you happen to use Yahoo Mail just take a look through their themes some time. See the theme that is labeled "Bamboo"? Yep, that's the one! Take a close look at those bamboo leaves.. Look familiar? Those look like the leaves of a certain other plant..

Now, I know that this is a mistake but I'm not quite sure who to blame. The obviously lazy and careless designer (who probably isn't even in this country) or Yahoo themselves for not reviewing it? Strangely enough it seems that I am the first person to find this little easter egg.. I guess not many people browse the themes (or use Yahoo Mail)?

I decided to do my good deed for the day and even sent a nice email to Yahoo telling them about this mistake. Of course I received no response and the Bamboo Marijuana theme is still up and running! So everyone out there - Switch your themes over to Bamboo Marijuana and share, like, tweet, plus, or whatever to all your friends! Let's embarrass Yahoo and make them write another horribly written news article about it!

Marijuana Leaf
Marijuana Leaf | Source


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