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Yahoo!'s CEO - Probably Will Get Fired For Padding Resume

Updated on May 4, 2012
Yahoo! seems to be having a lot of problems lately.
Yahoo! seems to be having a lot of problems lately. | Source

Whats Wong With Yahoo! Now?

Yahoo! finds itself in an uncomfortable position. A hedge fund Third Point who has been waging a battle against Yahoo's board found out that CEO Scott Thomson lied about a bachelor's degree that was on his resume. The main problem now is that Yahoo! will want to get rid of the CEO but not make it look like this small company is able to undermine their authority.

The Padding

Scott Thomson, CEO of Yahoo! had his resume up on the Yahoo! website for everyone to see. This looks like it was a bad idea. Thomson stated he had received a degree in accounting and computer science from Stonehill College. Third Point learned that Stonehill College did not offer a computer science degree when he graduated, in fact the only computer science class they had was a 101 class labeled Introduction to Computer Science.

Yahoo!'s reaction was to label this false information as an 'inadvertent error' and is acting as if they would prefer that this just blow over.

Why Third Point Cares

Third Point CEO Daniel Loeb has been waging a battle against Yahoo! for a while now seeking more power in the company. They own 5.8% of the company but want more. Recently they nominated four people to be on the board, but Yahoo! only offered two seats and one of them cannot be Daniel Loeb because he lacks the 'relevant skill sets and experience'.

Why Yahoo! Is Uncomfortable

CEOs have often found themselves jobless for padding resumes. The CFO of Veritas was relocated after a false MBA from Stanford. The CEO at RadioShack did not have the degrees he had claimed, leading to resignation. The Lotus CEO resigned after his claims of a Ph,D from Pepperdine were found false. CEOs are the face of the company and need to be trusted; if a CEO was unethical once they can be unethical again. This is why a CEO will face termination for padding a resume.

However, the uncomfortable part for Yahoo is who found it. Loeb has been a problem for Yahoo! for a while now, and if they are seen giving in to a dissident shareholder it would undermine them during any internal arguments.

Unfortunately for the company, they find credibility more important than this, and will probably end up firing Thomson to save public image - no matter what the internal disputes may arise from it.


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    • Danieljohnston profile image

      Daniel Johnston 5 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Well, saying that you have a computer science degree to get into a computer company and become a CEO seems like a big offence to me... I'm wondering how they didn't spot it before.

    • Ralph Deeds profile image

      Ralph Deeds 5 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Interesting. A material falsification or omission on an employment application is good cause for dismissal in most companies.