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The Best Studio Monitors on the market right now - The Yamaha HS80m

Updated on January 30, 2013

The Yamaha HS80m Studio Monitors

The Yamaha HS80m Studio Monitors
The Yamaha HS80m Studio Monitors | Source

HS80m's From the Back

HS80m's From the Back
HS80m's From the Back | Source

The Yamaha HS80m

This Is my Review of My Yamaha HS80m Studio Monitors

Over the last few years I have been using a pair of 200w disco speakers. I had been told about studio monitors before but, never really understood the benefits of what having a pair would make so I stuck with my large 200w cabinet disco speakers as they produced a heavy bass club/dancehall sound that I am used to.

As a producer starting to burn more of my music to cd's I kept noticing that elements like sub bass were often almost inaudible or distorted when played back on other smaller systems and in cars.

At first I it was the systems that were poor, and I guess in some respect when compared to my heavy club setup they were sub-standard but, the true reality of it is that my mixes were not compaitble with everyday users and for anyone with a view to making any money from music or at least having your music played, this is a big issue.

So, my hunt begun for a pair of professional studio monitors (albeit on a tight budget).

I spent many hours researching what monitors to buy and believe me, it was not an easy process. With so many options and contrasting opinions, I was left quite confused really.

I wanted monitors that were going to deliver clarity on all levels as well as great sounding sub and low bass frequencies.

Initially, I had my eyes on some 5" KRK monitors, which were recommended to me by my cousin as he worked within the audio industry for intimidation, who have their own range of speakers. But after researching, I found that the KRK's 'coloured' the produced sound, which basically means, that they make sounds like bass, sound better when you play through them.

This defeats the point of professional monitors. What I needed were monitors that were going to play exactly what I was making.

Much more research led me to the HS80m's from Yamaha.

Hailed by many people as industry standard in studio monitors, and the best all round in their price range for quality and clarity with good bass capabilities, I decided to go with them.

Was I disappointed... NO!

These monitors are great.

The front of the cabinet has an 8" speaker for mid0low sound frequencies and above that is a 4cm tweeter for your high end sounds like hats etc.

The monitors are a good weight, heavier than I expected. I'd say easily about 10kg due to the size of the speaker and the in built amp on the rear of the cabinets, so make sure you have a car to go pick em up.

The HS80m's support connections via 3/4" jack, RCA lead or XLR type cables (which I use).

There is a gain control on the rear of the monitors that goes from -10 -+10 db. The center of the knob is not 0db however, it is +4db. I have mine set at +10db all of the time.

There are 4 switches to adjust and allow compensation for the type of room you have. They consist of High, Mid and Low Pass switches and a dedicated room control switch. I have all of them set to neutral apart from the low pass switch which allows lower frequencies to be produced instead of passed. This aids with sub-bass frequencies, which is something smaller monitors do not deliver very well, however these do.

These monitors produce rich and clear audio and I have never had any problems with distortion even when my audio is clipping during loud monitoring and mixing. I will say though that the high end can be ever so slightly too high at time but, this could be down to my EQing?

There is an optional Sub woofer to match these monitors, but honestly, at £300+ I will not be getting it. Not solely because of the high price tag but because with the HS80's, its just not necessary. These monitors deliver great rich and deep sounding baselines. I have the room rattling on a regular basis with these and there's never any need to turn my sound card to maximum gain at all. halfway is even too much on some tracks.

ITo better aid you in experiencing and understanding the power, quality an capabilities of these monitors, I have made a few videos of the in action including a bass test and video review. I have included a link to one of the videos below. You can find the others on my channel page.

All in all, amazing look, feel and quality. Great clear, crisp and accurate sound. Very good bass and sub bass frequency output that will make you wonder why you were even worried about it in the first place!

(Here's the link to the sound test)

Yamaha HS80m Video Review


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