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Top 7 Benefits of a Yard Management System

Updated on January 3, 2016

Benefits of A Web Based Yard Management Software

Many organizations are moving to a cloud-based (or web based) yard management software over manual processes. The Yard Management Software helps yard managers to get real time information about trucks and trailers in the yard and thus helps them to fill orders in an efficient manner. Many people are unaware of the several benefits of implementing a YMS in their yard.

The top 7 benefits of a state of the art Yard Management System:

  • Prioritize shipment: Yard Management Software shows all trailers and trucks in their exact locations in real time. This helps in identifying the content of each load and prioritize according to predetermined criteria. This ultimately helps improve the efficiency of the whole system.
  • Increased throughput: For most yard managers the number of trucks in a yard usually increases with time and thus with the correct information about the number of empty trailers sitting idle in the yard coupled with improved dock door scheduling, enables yard throughput to be increased.
  • Control live loads: With better understanding of the goods in a trailer and better gate controls, YMS helps you control the live loads. If the live load contains out of stock items, then it can be immediately routed to an inbound dock – thus improving efficiency.
  • Increase spotter productivity: With YMS, you do away with pen and paper completely and hence increase the spotter move times. Shuttle drivers receive, accept and confirm move requests electronically and hence their productivity increases too.
  • Reduce detention charges: Many trucks come with cargoes that needs to be unloaded immediately or within a specified time. Failing to do so will incur detention charges. So proper integration and coordination with warehouse processes is required to dodge those charges, which can be achieved through a Yard Management Software.
  • Maximize asset utilization: YMS provides the real time information about asset location and dwell times in various states. You can also know the operational status of various assets and thus can utilise your trucks more efficiently.
  • Savings: YMS is proven to improve the yard’s productivity by 30% in a year. In addition, reduced demurrage costs and lower detention fees helps you save a lot of money when you integrate a Yard Management Software in your yard.


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