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Yarn Testing.( You got to Know this).

Updated on February 22, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Fiber & Yarn Quality Testing Machine.

Fiber Length Tester.
Fiber Length Tester.
This is a Yarn Testing Machine used in India Extensively.
This is a Yarn Testing Machine used in India Extensively.

Yarn Testing - Fiber

Once a yarn is spun it has got to be tested for required specifications,they are many machines that do the testing same as the one in the picture,some even better but the one that is respected and trusted by many textile mills is none other than USTER used in mills all over India,since over 60 years.The one that has now replaced all other earlier models is the best for all counts of yarn.

Fiber Testing -There are testing machines for Fiber Length testing,there are testing machines for on line testing which means that you can test the fiber length on any machines while the machine is under production.

The Sample drawn from any of the machine is tested by taking a tuft of fiber and the same is combed at both the sides.A sensor measures fiber mass ar various points from the clamp holding the tuft of cotton fibers,the further operations are fully automatic and the operator's error is completely avoided and there is no need for calibration with the help of standard cottons of the same quality specifications.The entire test which will be ten tests takes only ten minutes.

The measured parameters are displayed on the LCD screen which will be:-

1) Upper length which corresponds to 2.5% span length of fibrograph or similar standard,the roller settings at the draw frame can be set accurately with this test as a closer setting would break the fibers spoiling the quality of cotton,this is termed as fiber damage.

2) The test also denotes the mean fiber length which shows the fiber breakages in a particular machine,when compared to the mean fiber length of raw cotton that is tested before processing.

3) The test further shows the fiber hooks leading and trailing a technical jorgon that are formed in a sliver,this helps the technician to fix the number of Draw Frame passages for doubling and to give the correct draft to sliver.

4) Short fibers in the tuft of cotton is also indicated,the standard being only 10% of all fibers.If it exceeds 10% it means there is a machine that is causing fiber breakage.

5) A ratio of long and short fibers also indicates fiber breakages.

This instrument initially used before any other instrument helps in optimizing Draw Frame and Comber DrawBox Roller settings.It also provides a very useful guidance for licker in zone settings,fractioning efficiency ( a technical term ) of comber and substandard machines in the department.

All the above tests can be carried out when the machines are running a new invention that helps textile mills to supply quality products at reasonable price.


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