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You can buy new iPad 2012 3rd gen cases already, but the best are yet to come

Updated on March 13, 2012

As with many products that are very appreciated by consumers there are plenty of small manufacturers taking their share of the pie by manufacturing accessories for the new iPad 3rd gen, a tablet that’s surely going to make in into the Top 3 tablets of 2012, if not the Top 1, as the first and second generation iPads have done up until now.

Typical new iPad 2012 Agenda case
Typical new iPad 2012 Agenda case | Source

Cases sell the most

Probably the bestselling new iPad 2012 accessories will be the cases and covers, as there are the main products that people go for when trying to accessories their tablet purchase. Can’t really blame them for trying to make sure their investment is protects, as tablets are nice, sleek and slim but nowhere near the ruggedness of other tablets. And the big nice Retina Display of the new iPad makes it particularly prone to scratches, dents, smudges and all the things you don’t want on your beloved tablet.

That’s why a carrying case for the new iPad 2012 makes sense, even if technically speaking you’ll be using it just to protect your slate tablet when using it, not just when carrying it around. Less scared consumers will get a neoprene sleeve or some sort of bag for transportation only, just to preserve the perfect look of the product when playing with it. I find myself in the same category, but that’s not something I recommend for the faint of heart.

Here are a few new iPad 2012 cases you should check out

I know it’s pretty early to be talking about new iPad cases, but don’t worry, as the aforementioned small manufacturers have already started spreading their products on big retails stores like Amazon. I was too surprised to see models of covers/sleeves and cases for the new iPad before the official announcement of the tablet, but this means everyone is ready and waiting for Apple right now.

So here are a few iPad 2012 cases examples (you can get more details from the list on the right btw):

  • Targus Hughes slipcase - this is a nice fine leather case made durable by oil tanning of its surface. It comes in Brown or Black and the price difference is substantial, so make sure you check the pricing first
  • Case Logic LNEO-10 - this is a simple neoprene sleeve with padded handles, a zipper for the main compartment and one for an accessory pocket that can take a stylus, charger and other small accessories. Don’t expect to fit everything in there, as this is a slim carrying iPad 3rd gen accessory
  • Crazy On Digital Slim agenda cover - if you want to get a typical agenda style case this must be the one to look for. It’s made from rugged leather (not the best one) but it works as a stand too and the package also includes a screen protector, so we might have something here after all
  • Fosmon 360 Degrees Revolving Case - this is probably the craziest and also classic design case. It looks like an agenda cover, but the back panel can rotate 360 degrees to accommodate the new iPad in stand mode (horizontal or vertical). You must check out this case

Backward compatibility

I bet a lot of you are asking themselves is their old iPad 1 or 2 case will work with the new iPad 2012. I hate to bring it to you, but if you already purchased a tight fit case there’s a 99% perfect chance it won’t work with the new Apple iPad tablet. But if you have a model that’s less constraining then I don’t see why it wouldn’t work with future tablets, provided Apple doesn’t mess with the dimensions and port layout too much.

What's next

Expect more cases for the new iPad soon, so I’ll be updating this article on a regular basis. For a mode detailed new I Pad cases article head on to Alltouchtablet. Don’t forget to bookmark this page and share it with your friends if you’ve found it interesting and useful. Cheers!


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