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You need Adobe flash player to watch this video

Updated on April 23, 2013

I recently had a Windows 7 installation done on my laptop and this was a complete installation and not an upgrade since my old windows was having problems. The problem I noticed after successfully setting up and activating Windows on the system was my inability to play videos on YouTube.

A visit to the YouTube website displays the images on internet explorer but when I proceed to play the movie, I get the error "You need Adobe flash player to watch this video." I actually thought my Windows would have been completely been setup and be able to do a lot of easy things on the internet like watching streaming videos but it happened not to be.

Most modern day video sites normally come embedded with flash movie players and for your browser to be able to watch them, you would need to have a flash player installed on your system and Windows installation don'e come with this by default.

Here is how I was able to correct that and now I'm able to view websites embedded with flash movies such as YouTube.

How to install flash player with your browser

  1. Follow the link on your browser and go to the Adobe website. Don't go to any other unofficial website
  2. Choose to install the latest flash player
  3. Allow the pop-up or download
  4. Open and install the file
  5. Open your browser and refresh the video site

You will now be able to watch flash movies on such flash sites.

Another way you could install flash player on your system is by installing it with a CD. There is a CD software flash developers use to create flash movies on their computers. Once installed offline, you'll even be able to watch flash movies online.


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