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YouTube Brings Us Music, Videos, Movies, Gaming, News, and More

Updated on August 1, 2017

The Music Channel

The "Music" Channel on YouTube enables you to listen to music from all genres and all decades. You can watch the music videos while listening to your music choice. You can find your pick of songs by typing in the name of the band, the name of the song, or the music genre. You can browse through the many music and music video choices. Great music can come to you without advertisements. Some of the music videos do contain advertisements, but many of the ads let you skip out of the ad by clicking on skipping the ad after a few seconds (YouTube, 2017).

On the "Music" Channel, many songs and videos are free for your listening pleasure, but some of the music videos do cost a token amount that you must pay with a credit/debit card before you can listen to the song or watch the video. To save your music selections, you can open up your own personal YouTube subscription. All you need to do is click on “subscribe” and follow the prompts. Afterward, you can save a song(s) or video(s) that you want to keep. Then, when you go to YouTube again and want to hear that song, just sign in and select the song you want to hear that you saved in your YouTube folder. You can also share the songs and videos on YouTube that you like with friends or family, etc. Just click on share, and select the method of sharing that you wish, and complete the steps for sharing the song or video (YouTube, 2017).

The Movies Channel

The "Movies" Channel on YouTube features the newest film releases, blockbuster movies, old classic movies, etc. YouTube covers many different genres. Movies are available for children of various ages, and videos can be found on YouTube for adults. Information about each movie is provided along with the names of key players/actresses, etc., who are in the film. Many of the movies do cost a nominal fee, but there are movies available for you to watch online for free. Many of the movies do not contain commercials while other films do contain advertisements. When you have your subscription, you can save the movies you want to keep. You can watch the movies anytime by going to your subscription, then entering your username and password. You can also share your favorite movies with other people by following the instructions of one of the various means of sharing that are listed (YouTube, 2017).

The TV Shows Channel

The "TV Shows" Channel is available for your viewing pleasure on YouTube. To watch a show, first, you look through the list of shows, select a genre, then search by actor or actress or by the name of the movie. Many shows cost a little something, but many television shows on YouTube can be viewed for free. Some of the available videos are just showing exciting moments that occurred on various television shows, and other videos show many exciting events. Many videotaped TV shows are filmed well with the picture and sound being excellent. Other shows come off less than desirable in viewing or in sound. For TV programs that you want to save in your collection, you can save those to your membership for future enjoyment. You can also share your viewing interests with other people by clicking on the “share” button and following the easy directions (YouTube, 2017).

The Sports Channel

The "Sports" Channel by YouTube features various types of competitive games which by way of unplanned or pre-arranged involvement, the purpose of utilizing, sustaining, or increasing physical stamina and abilities while providing pleasure to contestants, and in various circumstances, entertainment for the onlookers. The competition or game is between two people or two teams, each side trying to beat the other team. Some of these sports permit a game to end in a draw. Other games afford opportunities for breaking a tie game to ensure that there are only one winner and one loser. A quantity of these two-sided matches may be organized in a tournament, thereby, generating a champion. Many sports associations create a yearly winner by positioning sporting events in a regular athletic season, shadowed, many times, by playoffs. Hundreds of athletic games exist, such as those sporting events between single contestants and those events that have hundreds of simultaneous participants, individual players or teams. In some sports, such as auto racing, many competitors can contest against all the other competitors in that race (YouTube, 2017).

The Gaming Channel

The "Gaming" Channel on YouTube has hundreds upon hundreds of games available for you to play. Available for your gaming pleasure are favorite games for experienced gamers and novice gamers, the newest games, older games, live gaming, and live streams of gaming events. Also, in Gaming, you can find the latest videos, the favorite games of novice players, sports games, action games, and games with the criminal element. YouTube's Gaming channel also features “news, reviews, play through, and more” (YouTube, 2017).

The "Live" Channel

The "Live" Channel on YouTube is where you can view and listen to exciting live streams, live gaming events, live sports, live music, and Google Hangout” (YouTube, 2017).

The 360° Video Channel

The "360° Video" Channel is YouTube’s approved VR [virtual reality] channel. This VR channel features the newest and best VR-ready videos on the platform. Get ready to do what you could not do before - catch a world class concert or take an exhilarating journey to other parts of the world. You can even subscribe to the virtual reality videos, etc. and keep them in your YouTube personal folder. You can also share these videos with friends, family, and co-workers through YouTube’s “sharing” capability – just click on “share” and then, follow the prompts by selecting the method in which you want to use to share the video(s) (YouTube, 2017).

The "News" Channel

The "News" Channel on YouTube brings you up-to-date, complete coverage of the most recent, most trending, top stories, business, sports, politics, entertainment, and much more (YouTube, 2017).

The "Spotlight" Channel

The "Spotlight" Channel by YouTube can be your go-to spot for learning about new things and new trends that are occurring nationally and internationally. This info includes music, movies, videos, culture, and internet marvels. You can find those "must watch" videos on YouTube, in one easy-to-use location (YouTube, 2017).

Trending, Manage Your Watch History, Get YouTube Red, and Get YouTube TV

Trending, Manage Your Watch History, Get YouTube Red (monthly fee), and Get YouTube TV (monthly fee) are all available to you on YouTube. You can also browse through “Channels” for your entertainment or news (YouTube, 2017).

Create Your Own Videos Showing on YouTube

Also, you can create your own videos and put them on YouTube for other people to enjoy. Before you add any of your videos on YouTube, be sure to read over YouTube’s rules and instructions for putting videos on YouTube. YouTube has a strict adherence policy for people putting their how-to videos, music videos, and other videos onto YouTube.

YouTube Help

YouTube Help” is available to help make your YouTube experience an enjoyable experience – one that will keep you coming back to peruse.

Following are ways and areas in which “YouTube Help” can help all YouTube users: “Create Videos & Manage Your Channel, Your Account on YouTube, YouTube Red & Purchases, YouTube Partner Program, YouTube Nonprofit Program, Legal, Safety, and Copyright, and Advertising on YouTube. "Top contributors [to YouTube) are the most active and knowledgeable people you'll find in the forum” (YouTube Help, 2017).


YouTube. (2017). Retrieved online at

YouTube Help. (2017). Retrieved online at


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    • DLayne profile imageAUTHOR

      DLayne Lawson 

      12 months ago from Cincinnati, OH

      True!! I like it for the music and films, too.

    • Coffeequeeen profile image

      Louise Powles 

      13 months ago from Norfolk, England

      You Tube is great for all sorts of shows and programmes. I watch a lot of films on there.


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