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YouTube is the new China

Updated on April 26, 2017



Internet Control

In China, monitoring and controlling how people use the internet has always been a thing. Using the technology referred to as "The Great Firewall" the government has been able to block various sites because they are contain topics that are "too sensitive" "Remember these words; they are very important when considering what is happening in YouTube at the moment". Apart from the "Great Firewall" there are many other people who have volunteered to go through various sites, blogs and chat-rooms etc to ensure that people do not post, read or download what China considers controversial topics. Remember this as well, it is relevant to what is happening in YouTube. But China is China and controlling what people do on the internet in the country is by now a norm. Between 2009 and 2010, Google became very concerned with the censorship thing in China and would not have it any more. So what did Google do? Well, they decided that it was time to shut down the Google site in the country because censorship disputes. This is why what YouTube is doing now is so ironic.



YouTube talks, You Listen

Google wanted nothing to do with Censoring contents. Google wanted information available to all people, making Google some sort of a Hero? One article even went further to praise the company, stating that Google's decision to stop censoring its Chinese search engine was a very strong step towards ensuring that there was freedom of expression and information in the country. This was a stand that Google was taking against the Chinese government.

For a country with one of the biggest population in the world (which means a very big market, this was a bold move by Google). But enough of that; six years later and YouTube is the new "China". Over time, YouTube had become the best alternative to mainstream media. It had become a community where people could talk and interact freely, talk openly about controversial topics and even be creative. In other words, YouTube was different. According to statistics, well over 1,300,000,000 people use YouTube, which is a very significant number. This means that about 1 in every 5 or 6 people uses YouTube one way or another. Over time, YouTube was becoming a very powerful media where an individual could access any topic and content from "how to do this and that" to topics about aliens and conspiracies. Being an easy to use platform, many YouTubers worked tirelessly day and night to build their channels and an audience that would make YouTube what it is today (or at least what it was last year).

Having established big channels with a string fan-base, many Youtubers today are annoyed with how YouTube is conducting business. As soon as a number of companies began pulling their ads from YouTube, the company decided to "Pull a China" on its creators.

YouTube Going the China Way

It is now evident that YouTube has now turned against its creators. Where Youtubers could at one point make a decent number of views through which they could make good money, this is no longer the case. Through recent changes in their ad policy, YouTube has been hurting the very people who made YouTube what it is today. While YouTube may not in reality be denying these creators to make their content, the policy changes made recently have ensured that they cannot make the same amount of money they did before, which is simply a "subtle" way of asking them to change their content to what is considered "more child friendly" or leave.

Through these changes, it would appear that YouTube, like China, is trying to influence what people say, what content they can create and how they should behave. Sure, YouTube may not be as strict as China, but the outcome is the same. YouTube is now becoming the same as the mainstream media. What made it different is now fading away, which means that if this is to continue, then YouTube will simply be a platform where freedom for people to express themselves was once a thing, but no more.

Final words

Sure, there some stuff should not be on the site, but come on, most of the Youtubers who are feeling the pinch are not in that category. They helped make YouTube what it has become today and deserve to be treated as an important part of the community. So what do you think? Maybe I’m wrong, but then again maybe I’m right? But then again, YOU CAN’T STOP THE CORPORATIONS…. Ha-ha, just being silly now. But seriously, YouTube was THE website to go to for creators. Now it's chasing them away and showing favoritism. What happened?


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