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The Blackberry Smartphone

Updated on February 7, 2013

Designed and Developed in Canada

A line of smart phone and email mobile devices, Blackberry was designed and developed by RIM or ResearchinMotion, a company from Canada since the year nineteen ninety-nine.

Devices that are Blackberry are smart phones, created to function as media players that are portable, gaming devices, internet browsers or personal digital assistants, among others.

Primarily, these are popular for being able to receive and send push email and IM with a high security level through message encryption on-device. Devices by BlackBerry support various features of IM including BlackBerryMessenger.

In the year two thousand eleven, three percent of devices that were mobile were accounted for by BlackBerry. This made ResearchInMotion the 6th device manufacturer that was most popular, with smartphones comprising a quarter of mobile sales devices.

As of the month of October in two thousand eleven, there were 70 million Blackberry subscribers worldwide.

The 850 was the first device by BlackBerry and was first featured in nineteen ninety-nine as a 2-way pager in the Germany city of Munich. The term 'BlackBerry' came from the Lexicon Branding marketing company.

Four years later, the more popularly known Blackberry smartphone was featured, supporting wireless information services including web browsing, internet faxing, text messaging, mobile phone and push email.

Currently, Latin America and the Caribbean have the highest BlackBerry smartphone penetrations globally, with up to forty-five percent of people in these locations having a device from RIM.

Modern Blackberry handheld smartphones that are GSM-based have processors including the ARM 11, ARM 9 or ARM 7.

On the other hand, Blackberrys which are older including the 957 and the 950 use processors called Intel 80386.

The latest models include a 1.2 GHz Snapdragon MSM8255 and a system memory of 758 MB, as well as storage on-board of 8GB. All models offer OS5 support until 32GB micro SD cards.

Originally, devices of Blackberry had displays that were monochromatic, but these days, all the displays are in color.

Except for the Torch 9850 all-touch and the series called 'Storm," all models have a QWERTY keyboard that are 'thumb' optimized, making it not too difficult to type using your thumbs. There is a keypad called Sure Type for tying in the Storm 2 and the Storm 1.

In the past, navigating the system was achieved with a scroll wheel's use mounted on the phone's right side before the 8700. There was a replacement of the track wheel with a trackball for the series called 'Pearl' allowing four-way scrolls.

The track ball was later replaced by the optical-track pad with the coming of the Curve 8500 series. Models using networks of IDEN like Mike and Nextel also had to integrate a PTT feature, otherwise known as 'push to talk.' This is somewhat similar to a 2-way radio.


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