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Your Lucky Day

Updated on October 12, 2013

Have you ever won anything in raffles?

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How many times have you gone to a party or even fairs where you are given a raffle ticket to win a prize? Sometimes the prizes can be something small or something electronic that has either just come out. Either way for some people winning anything makes them happy. Then you have those people who rarely win in raffles, no matter how many times they have put their name in the raffle for that one certain item.

I am one person who rarely wins in raffles whether it is done at work or even at parties. There are times when I can put my names on as many raffles that they let one person buy, yet I don't win. How many of us have gone through that hoping to win that one prize that they were offering? I can't tell how many times I have always to win but didn't. But then luck was on my side about three times exactly.

I can remember my first time winning in a raffle, I was twelve years old and I had gone to the insights museum, and they were giving away a desktop computer, which would be considered outdated since it had Windows 95. But I had to guess how many candies were in a jar and put my name in a box. Next thing I know, I won my very first computer, how lucky is that?

The next time that I happened to win anything was in my third year of working at the library, they were giving away a little net book to the staff during Christmas. I never made it to the staff party but they drew my name out of all the employees that worked within the library system. Now that had to be some kind of luck.

This year, just recently, they did a raffle for Kindle Touch and just when I thought I wouldn't win, my name was drawn. When I got notified during work about it I was more surprised and a bit in a shock but at the same time happy. So I find myself thinking, is luck on my side when it comes to raffles?

Raffles sometimes are not easily won however when one wins something from a raffle it can be a time of great happiness. How many raffles and prizes have you won or been lucky to win?


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    • Dancilla profile image

      Priscilla 4 years ago from El Paso has been useful

    • elle64 profile image

      elle64 4 years ago from Scandinavia

      Sound wonderfull for you.