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Your new family members could be a robot companion

Updated on October 29, 2017

Leenby, the 5th generation robot is also equipped with speech recognition


Leenby the 5th generation robot

At CES 2017 there were many new players that had a big focus on robots and how they will interact with us. One of the new techs to interact with is the Leenby manual labor robot. A product of a French startup, stands 4.5-foot tall that may become the first thing you meet as you walk into your favorite dining establishment or places that have a need for a public greeter. She could also seat the guest or escort them on tours.

The big market may be the health aide for elderly and disabled industry. For someone entering into dementia, a friend that they will never lose. Ready to always remind them of things they need to keep in mind. For those who have an ageing parent this may be the answer they have been looking for, in the near future.

The Cybedroid website offers that the Leenby, the 5th generation robot, that is also equipped with speech recognition and synthesis that enables it to interact with an individual based on keywords. it can connect to various networks (local Ethernet, Bluetooth, Wifi, mobile 4G). Leenby, at this time, may remind those who are sci-fi buffs, of the robots from the fifty”s and sixties movies. But Leenby does not have any of the intent shown by some of the robots of past movies, but offers new possibilities for the future. Leenby may turn out to be the best go to when looking for ways of easing many of our daily routines.

The Buddy robot may become your helping hand

For those who would like your interacting to be with a friendly face, there is a growing market of friendly interacting robots that will be your new companion, or for those whom have family members that may have mental impairments like dementia, you might have found a perfect chaperon for your loved ones.

Blue Frog Robotics has one called Buddy the revolutionary companion robot. Open source and easy to use, Buddy connects, protects, and interacts with each member of your family. As stated on their website, Buddy has won CES 2018, Best of Innovation award.

For families this means you will have an on site camera that can go patrol and tell you what is going on in your home. Plus with the two way abilities, you will be able to help with homework your children bring home, monitor and speak with your love ones who are having loss of memory and loss of other mental abilities Also with Buddy he may become your helping hand around the house, by following you around playing your favorite music or even giving you recipe suggestions along with the full recipe.


Saudi citizenship for Robots

The first robot to actually receive a right to be citizen of a country, is a robot with the name Sophia, who has been granted Saudi citizenship for Robots. Sophia, with human characteristics and features, may find itself with more rights than many that live in the country, along with the migrant workers that now live in the country. Created by Hong Kong company Hanson Robotics. One of the goals of Hanson robotics will be for the user to actually have feelings about their robots, interact with the robot and allow it to help you. And maybe in the near future become your best friend, because one thing for sure it will be able to keep all your secrets. Or will it, with the world of hacking going on who knows, it may be the worst place to hide all your secrets.

Robot Hits on Charlie Rose in Awkward Interview


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