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Youtube Video Marketing | Basics To Get Youtube Traffic

Updated on April 18, 2013
Get Youtube Traffic
Get Youtube Traffic

Introduction To Youtube Video Traffic

Personally, i use youtube to drive and leverage a good amount of traffic to my blogs and articles. The most important thing i notices is that Youtube Traffic is not only easy to setup, but is almost highly targeted. And we all know that its free, right? :)

I spent a lot of my time to figure out how to get free traffic from youtube. But it was right there all the time. Its just that youtube does not say right to your face what to do to get huge amounts of free visitors. But instead, they have provided us with all kinds of instructions and advices, which would look like pieces of puzzles to a newcomer.

All you need is to get that big picture before you, so that you can look at it and start putting the pieces in together for your advantage. Here is the Big Picture.

Why Youtube Video Marketing

There are a whole lot of different reasons for anyone to choose youtube as their primary video marketing strategy/tool.

In spite of your intentions to use youtube videos for, results can be achieved in less technical confusions. Now, Youtube has come up with lots of new features like in video programming, reviewed annotations, video editing and lots of other good stuff.

First of all Youtube is free. Alexa ranking for youtube is always on the top three, which means that there are millions of viewers every single day from all around the world. Once you are ready with your video and upload, it gets right into the internet cloud in matter of minutes; and you video is live right away for your viewers.

Given that your youtube video is of quality content, chances are your video will get listed and ranked not only in youtube, but also in google search lists. What more can someone ask?. Im excited when i talk about Youtube marketing and Youtube traffic. Wow! its so awesome that you have to start making youtube videos right away to understand it.

Step #1 : Do Your Research-

It does not matter if you are making a screen capture video or a personal/before camera video, you should show your authority of your knowledge in that particular topic to your viewers. Especially if your goals are to do some kind of business, you need conversions; not just youtube views. This is where people go wrong. If your goals are to make money or to brand yourself on your field of interest, you need quality content.

Research on your topic and come up with some fresh, quality content or give it your own twist. Show your point of view to any field and people will always be anxious and eager to know that. They will spend more time on your videos, the use of which i'll discuss in another hub.

Even if there are hundreds of videos out there on your topic of interest, people will find yours if you give your own taste to it. Because people are always looking for something different even when they know what you are going to talk about on the topic. Once you master this, and you are able to grab people's attention and make them hold on to your videos, your videos will start coming up in the featured and related list.

Ddescription for Youtube Video
Ddescription for Youtube Video

Step #2: Headline Optimization-

I consider this as a crucial point and give good importance to get youtube traffic. Why? Because the headline of a youtube video is one of those factors which decides click rate of a video.

First of all, make the Title look like a headline. Something which will grab people's attention and at the same time, would help google bots to relate your video to keywords. Youtube or search engines bots don't know what you have in your videos unless you state it along the title, description and tag areas; which is in Your control. Why not use it?

I use google keyword tool to find keywords which are of high demand. Then i thread it in my title along with other related keywords to make it a good headline that makes sense. For both humans and bots :)

Step #3: Description-

The main mistake i used to make was leaving my description box almost empty by just putting a relevant link. But, Youtube has given us with almost 5000 character space for the youtube video description.

By giving a good description could get your video more viewers/traffic from those related topics you'll not even notice about.

When search engines and youtube crawl your video description, it will match this with your video title and come up with all kinds of related keyword ideas. And will list your videos in related other videos from youtube. Even in google search page.

But, make sure that you don't stack it up with same words by repeating keywords. This could eventually get you banned. You can use the primary, secondary and other relevant keywords evenly through out the description to produce the best results.

Step #4: Tags-

Tags helps youtube to get your video to relate with the category and rank your videos in better position. Make sure that you use primary and secondary keywords "as is". Use related keywords in phrases/sentences.

Also, filling in the tag area with unrelated words or keywords will get you flagged by the bots. i usually use 5 targetted primary and secondary keywords and a minimum of three phrases with related keywords in it.

Youtube Video Marketing
Youtube Video Marketing

Conclusion for Youtube Video Marketing

I would suggest that you tailor your video according to your intentions on what you want to do with it. People make videos for different purposes like business, promotions, fun, to collect leads, branding, etc etc.

While quality content applies to all topics, targeting and optimizing your video with keywords plays a major role to get youtube traffic.

Also, make sure that you put your link for your viewers to follow. So that they can know more about what you're talking about. You can even convert you youtube video viewers to potential prospects.

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    • aj's profile image

      Abhijith Bob Babu 4 years ago from Saskatchewan, Canada

      Thanks Tomy, Yes, like you said i've also been using these for my youtube and now all of a sudden i thought of making an article.

      Actually im planning to come up with some more important/crucial techniques that i use. Thanks for the support.

    • tomy101 profile image

      Christopher Hyer 4 years ago from Midland, Texas

      Excellent article, as I use to use You Tube to market and did not even think of using it for my article. Awesome material my friend. Keep it up! Thank You