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Youtube Vlogging

Updated on July 25, 2016


The term vlog refers to video-blog , in short vlog. This gives the users more interaction with their audience in explaining things like they are in the back of the head. When we read blogs often we dont understand what the writer actually wanted to say. However with vlogs we get a more brief idea about what is going on? Over youtube we see people talking about every topic every trend , nearly whatever we have in mind , there is someone out there talking about it . Majority of people do it for secondary earning until they become a full time youtube creator . While some just aim to do it for sake of charity work . Like, creating awareness of some social cause? Remember about ice bucket challenge? it happened from youtube video going viral.

How Vlogs work

Majority of the vlogs work on youtube or facebook. If there are 8 billion people in world then I guess 2-3 billion must be on facebook . This gives us idea on how many people we will be performing.

Recently youtube announced adsense publisher policy as youtube partner program. For every view and ad impression , Click. The uploader gets some of the revenue , this may not sound catchy until you see your bank account getting filled. Majority of the people who back self made millionaires are to thank youtube.

Things sound too good to be true so how can we make a vlog business?

Stuff we need:

1. Computer or laptop with camera / Even a phone with front cam would do the trick.

2. Good high speed internet connection

3. A gmail account

With just these 3 things you can start doing videos on youtube and be a star of your own show.

So how can you make a cool vlog thats money

In order to make lots of money you need to do the following steps:

  • Make a Gmail Account
  • Join youtube
  • Upload 2-3 videos
  • Make facebook page and twitter account to spread your content over audience using hashtags
  • After 2-3 weeks apply for youtube partner account
  • Link your paypal or adsense account to that
  • Cha Ching

At start we get very little money , so dont get any hopes up . At start an average earning is about $0.50 USD. We will have to be patient and work hard with honesty to make our videos stand out.

How to make videos rank in top places

Nobody likes to be on last page , not even being on number 2 is acceptable . So what can we do to be number 1.

Youtube works same like humans, it keeps videos according to their details . Your video has to be in number 1 position let me give you an example of how to do that.


1. Upload your video to youtube

2. Write title that mostly describes what your video is about ? but make sure it is a very common name . eg APPLE FRUIT Video

3. In description include video title name along with some description about what is happening in video . Keep it precise as 200 words or less.

3. Below the video description you will see tags? Basically tags are like keywords for searching your video . So in example of apple fruit we will write tags as

apple fruit , apple fruit video , apple fruits , apple shake , apple pie , apple sauce , etc ,etc

4.Note in all first words of keywords we wrote apple , so whatever related to apple search is made your video should relate any how. An easier way to learn about this is when you are searching for tags type on youtube search bar lets say apple it will give u suggestions . copy those suggestions to your youtube tags . This way whenever apple fruit will be searched your video will be on first page .

5. To be on number 1 , you must have lots of thumbs up on your video , many views and comments. The more the better your chances are .

Hard Wired Photo VLOG

My VLOG - Hard Wired Photo

Since I am a an automobile photographer and a car spotter. I always be on a look out for eye catching exotics and sports cars . Normally I use imovies for my slideshows but slowly i am trying to learn adobe premiere for video editing. In my vlog I share slideshows of the photographers of my client's cars . Along side I never fail to post some hilarious or interesting videos just to make everyone feeling blessed about being happy.

Chase on Two Wheels

Chase on two wheels

I am a big fan of motorcycles and sportsbikes. Since I came across Chase's vlog , my eyes opened about how well informed and how every bike is made more wanted by his set of skills and knowledge. He does reviews on all bikes whether old new , sports or cruisers . As every bike is unique in its own nature, he briefly informs about parts and performances. Along with driving experiences on all drive modes

James Kingston

YummiR6 Vlog

YummiR6 VLOG

After Chase on two wheel's ,I saw a dual vlog of them it was a really funny one. Yummi is a cool dude in his early 20s living in Georgia. In his vlogs he makes fun of evverything he sees. He owns a yamaha R6 and WR-250 Moto Cross bike.

After all I'm a human too

Lastly friends I'm just like you guys , so if you feel i made a mistake in any part of the blog . Or if you have better approach to aim same goal about vlogging. Let me know in your comments.

Thank you !


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