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Youtubers That Are Worth Watching

Updated on November 20, 2015

Tanya Burr

Tanya Burr was born on June 9,1989 in Norwich, England. Before she became a youtuber, she attended and completed a short course as a makeup artist in Notre Dame Sixth Form College. After completing the course, she worked at a beauty counter in a department store. She made her youtube channel as Tanya Burr in year 2009.

Burr is known for her outstanding makeup tutorials. She also uploads videos about fashion, hauls, vlogs, and game challenges. Aside from being a youtuber, she is also a blogger.

Tanya later on launched her cosmetic brand called Tanya Burr in 2014.

She is married with a co youtuber named Jim Chapman.


Dan Howell

Daiel Jame Howell also known as danisnotonfire on youtube was born on June 11,1991 in Berkshire, England. Before he became a youtuber, at age sixteen, he worked in a retail chains called Focus DIY. In 2010, he attendended University of Manchester to study law but dropped out to pursue his career on youtube.

On September 2014, Dan and Phil( his youtuber bestfriend), made a gaming channel called DanandPhilGAMES. In March 2015, it hit one million subscribers.

Aside from being a youtuber, he is also a radio host at BBC Radio 1 together with his friend Phil Lester.


Marzia Bisognin

Marzia Bisognin also known as CutiePieMarzia on youtube was born on October 21, 1992 in Italy. Before she became a youtuber, she was just a fan of PewDiePie(most subscribed youtuber since 2013). She began dating him in 2011 after she emailed him and mentioned that his videos are funny. In October 2011, she moved to Sweden to live with him. They later moved to Italy, until they decided to move to Brighton, UK.

She became youtuber in 2012. Her relatonship with PewDiepie helped her to rise as a youtube personality. Her videos focus on fashion, style, haul, vlog, makeup, and DIY.


Zoe Sugg

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg also known as zoella on youtue was born on March 28,1990 in England, UK. Before she became a youtuber, she was first a blogger. While she was an apprentice at an interior design art company she started her blog "zoella". Her blog site reached over 540 million visits. She later then decide to expand her internet career and joined youtube. Currently, she has more than 9 million subscribers.

Her videos focus on fashion hauls, fashionstyles, makeup tutorials, vlogs, and some game challenges with her youtuber friends.

In 2014, she launched her novel book called Girl Online. Aside form her book, she also launched a beauy product under the brandname Zoella Beauty.


Louis John Cole

Louis John Cole known as funforlouis on youtube was born on April 23,1983 in Surrey, England. He is known for his ddaily vlogs. His visiting a lot of countries and doing adventures with some of his friends.

Before he became as funforlouis on youtube, he has a youtube channel called foodforlouis. In his foodforlouis channel, he posted videos of himself eating unusual foods such as a frog corpse, rag worms, maggots, and scorpions. This went on until after he ate goldfish alive and he later said, "I don't want to inflict any pain on these animals, which is why I try to kill them instantly."

As of now (nov2015), he has more than one million subscribers on his funforlouis channel..


Raya Encheva

Raya Encheva (rayawashere on youtube) was born on eptember 28, 1992 in Bulgaria. She studied social and cultural studies at University of London. Sfter she received her degree, she moved to New York City.

Before she became a youtuber, she was featured on some of the vlogs of funforlouis. She was then convinced by funforlouis to join youtube. Her videos contain travel adventures.

Raya and Louis are rumored to be dating because of their closeness.


Niomi Smart

Niomi Smart was born on May 26, 1992 in England. She created a blog after she graduated from a university with a law degree. She has a relationship with her fellow youtuber Marcus Butler in 2013.

She already had 400,000 subscribers within two months.

Her youtube videos contain fasionstyles, hauls, makeuptutotials, DIY, How to, and vlogging.


Lindy Tsang

Lindy Tsang also known as bubzbeauy on youtube was born on December 6,1986 in Ireland. She is an Irish-Chinese youtuber. She uploaded her first video in 2007 with a title Dance It Out.

Aside from her bubzbeauty channel, she also has bubbiosity, and BubzVlogz channels.

Her videos contain makeuptutorials and facial care.


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