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Zero Draw Charger, No Wasted Energy Power

Updated on October 8, 2012


Being a ZERO is Good for the Environment!

Most every one realizes that when you leave your charger plugged into an outlet, it is still drinking power even if it's not hooked up to your cell phone. This may seem to only add up to cents on your bill, but when you multiply this by all of the cell phone chargers that stay plugged in by lazy users, it adds up to some huge numbers!

  • The wasted power is enough to power 24,000 homes every year
  • The wasted energy can make between 3 and 4 Million cups of coffee every day

How To Save Energy With AT&T

AT&T has come up with a device that solves this glut of energy waste first hand. In May, the organization eliminated vampire power consumption and started a new practice, which charges your cell phone far more efficiently. Unless you are using the Zero charger from AT&T, your charger will continue to draw power when your cell phone isn't plugged into it when left plugged into the outlet. The Zero Energy Charger has an added chapter to its design that automatically senses when the user disconnects their phone, and when it does, it shuts down the power supply from the wall socket. This smart charger won't use any energy even if it is left plugged into the wall for days.

What You Think Really Does Matter!

Do you think tiny hydrogen fuel cell powered cell phones are a safe and eco-friendly idea?

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What Every Smart Phone Needs

A Smart Charger

The Zero has an IQ that keeps it on its toes and thinking ahead, as is evident by the fact it not only can eliminate tons of wasted power, but the block-and-cable design is compatible with current and future handset models. This is good news when you consider the future numbers of out dated chargers that end up in landfills annually. This device also finds better charging capabilities for powering phones bragging (rightfully-so) of a five-star efficiency rating (higher than the standards outlined in the GSMA—a group that represents the worldwide mobile communications industry. Oh, and just to show-off how GREEN it is, the Zero Charger arrives in a 100% recycled paper package!

How Much Does The AT&T Zero Charger Cost

The cost of the zero charger shows just how much the company and the designers care about their customer base. This product won't 'ding' your pocketbook anymore than a standard replacement charging device. So you can expect to spend around $20 to $30 on the item. Not bad for such a great bit of new technology!


A Universal Charging Solution

Revolutionary Power Charging Solutions

Like most people I know, a drawer of old tangled cell phone chargers lurks somewhere in your home between the kitchen and office space. An ecophile's worse nightmare—how to creatively get continued use from outdated chargers that no longer fit the new cell phone designs, and have no hope of a recycling contribution.

ITU To Rescue!

Well, you may be thrilled to know that the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) is attempting to revolutionize the phone industry. The group recently revealed its universal charging Solution, which is a charger that can be used in all future cell phone makes and models— providing cell phone companies decide to use it. The ITU will not make it mandatory that cell companies use the chargers, the GSMA has reported some responsible interest in the devices by some major communication companies. The more viable organizations that have taken an interest in these units are DoCoMo, Samsung, Nokia, LG, and most inspiring is AT&T. These companies have already done some partnering with GSMA.

Sony Ericsson Makes The Right Call For Cell Phone Users

Sony Ericsson actually announced that they launched compatible cell phone models with the Universal Charging Solution, and that these devices did well in the market place.

A Charger That Is Good For The Environment

Universal Charger Features

This universal charger features a micro USB connector; as well as making things better and more user friendly for the consumer, the Universal Charging Solution seems to offer some viable environmental attributes. To mention the top attribute, it directly reduces the number of chargers manufactured, reducing all of the waste those other chargers' shipping materials and thrown-away packaging add to the landfill debacle. The new solution anticipates the reduction of redundant chargers by more than 50,000 units. In addition, the charger reduces a phones standby energy consumption by half, thus reducing greenhouse gas emissions by slightly less than 14 million tons annually!

Cell Phone
Cell Phone | Source

Hydrogen Powered Cell Phones

Mini Fuel Cells

Fuel cells have been put in vehicles, homes, and some of the more 'green' tech-gear on the market these days. But, one of the most fascinating future-forward innovations has got to be the mini fuel cell. Angstrom Power's Hydrogen fuel cell has changed the world of mobile phones. This new tiny fuel cell technology, keeps your phone sleek and trim like regular cell phones, but this wonder last more than twice as long on a single charge—one as minuscule as 10 minutes! If that doesn't get you excited about the future of cell phones you must not own a cell phone!

Slim Phones Now Have Long Lasting Power

In the past, when a hydrogen cell phone has been looked at by the public, it seems very bulky with a bulging fuel cell out the back. Angstrom has done a beautiful thing, due to its Micro hydrogen platform it has been reduced to the size of a regular battery, and smaller, and yet it's the same powerful fuel cell as the more bulky version from the past. It's like they have borrowed a shrinking machine from an old sci-fi movie and made the magic happen before our eyes! In your pocket or purse, this device will only take as much room as a regular cell phone, and will also be as light in weight as a regular cell phone.

Angstrom Power's Prototype Fuel Cell

Angstrom Power's prototype fuel cell lasts two-times as long as the standard lithium-ion battery used in every device so far. And, just to show off a little, remember it only takes as little as 10 minutes to get a full charge! As outstanding as this tiny fuel cell is, there are still many fixes to be made to dial-in the extraordinary capabilities of the device. One major hurdle is just where will all of the refueling stations be located? As it stands, these fueling stations aren't even close to being available in most places in the world. Another issue would have to be the safety of the hydrogen fuel cell, itself— even though the company says the battery is very safe—it is hydrogen after all and can be quite volatile in certain circumstances. Still, there is a grand interest from major manufacturers, so we can expect to hear much more about hydrogen fuel cell powered cell phones.

ZERO Charger Eliminates Vampire Power Comments

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  • viking305 profile image

    L M Reid 

    11 years ago from Ireland

    I kinda of knew this about the phone charger using up energy but had completely forgotton about it. Thanks for reminding me.

    I just looked over at the plug in the wall and yes you've

    guessed it right. There is my phone charger plugged in! I will remember to unplug it from now on. The new smart phone chargers who have highlighted here are the perfect solution

  • K9keystrokes profile imageAUTHOR

    India Arnold 

    11 years ago from Northern, California

    Thank you hubbers! Your comments are soooo appreciated. I would love to get a few of these "zero Chargers" and give them for gifts at Christmas! I am thrilled you all have stopped by for a read! Go 60DC2 Team!


  • rgarnett profile image

    Rachael Fields 

    11 years ago from KC, MO

    You know - I heard of the charger using power even if not plugged into the cell phone, but I suppose I didn't know it was true. This is a handy little device for such situations. I didn't know it existed!

  • schoolgirlforreal profile image


    11 years ago

    That's very interesting and pretty cool how the charger shuts off when you unplug cell phone! Cool gadgets getting smarter :) How's your hub 'contest' going hub buddy?!!

    your friend SGFR

  • Wendy Krick profile image

    Wendy Henderson 

    11 years ago from Cape Coral

    The Zero Charger is great! Thanks for the article.

  • Dobson profile image


    11 years ago from Virginia

    I am amzed that this technological duh had to be added. Why did the manufacturers not realize this from the beginning of making these chargers. Oh, well I am editorializing I suppose. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Many of us never knew this was not inherent in our chargers.

  • Sunny Robinson profile image

    Sunny Robinson 

    11 years ago from Tennessee

    Oh this would be super nice!! But I'm guessing the refueling stations would charge a lot, wouldn't they?


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