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Zagg Profolio Plus Review: Best illuminated iPad Keyboard

Updated on December 13, 2012
Zagg Profolio +
Zagg Profolio +


Zagg Zaggkeys Profolio+ is currently one of the best iPad keyboards thanks to a proven model of tight case fitted with a keyboard and stand functionality. Add to the this equation the illuminated keys with seven colors to choose from and you understand why this iPad accessory is something you should think about.


If you haven’t heard about Zagg and you own an iPad I can tell you that you’re missing a lot on the accessories front as Zagg is known for its lineup of keyboard cases and screen protectors for Apple’s tablet.

Of course, if you don’t need any of those things there’s nothing I can do, but if you want to extend the functionality of your tablet I can’t think of a better way of doing so than attaching a good keyboard case.

So in this review we’re going to review Zagg’s top keyboard for iPad, the ZaggKeys Profolio Plus, a keyboard case with stand functionality and illuminated keys for late night typing sessions.

Best iPad keyboard by Zagg
Best iPad keyboard by Zagg

Design and construction

As you can imagine, the new Profolio Plus is not that different in terms of design from the previous Zagg keyboard cases for iPad, so we’re talking about an agenda style case with the keyboard being fitted into the screen cover, which also features a ridge where you prop the iPad when typing.

Unlike previous versions, the new Profolio+ is compatible with the iPad 2, 3 and 4, so you get more flexibility in terms of compatibility. What I don’t like about the new model is that you can’t remove the keyboard anymore, as it’s fixed to the screen cover.

The back cover can be bent at two thirds, forming some sort of a kickstand together with the keyboard. It’s very easy to switch from normal tablet use, with the keyboard flipped on the back of the iPad to typing mode when the whole assembly resembles a laptop or netbook.

The exterior of the Zagg Profolio+ keyboard case is made from some kind of synthetic leather that looks and feels OK, but it’s clearly not the real think, not even leatherette. I do hope that in future Zagg will offer multiple exterior finishing options, as it happened with the previous generation products.

Back of the Zagg Profolio+
Back of the Zagg Profolio+


Let’s see now the most important aspect of the Zagg ProfolioPlus: the illuminated keyboard. That’s right, at night the keys light up (not automatically). You can switch between four intensities and seven color options for the LEDs placed beneath each key. It’s practically impossible not to find a setting to your liking.

The keys themselves are Chiclet separated ones, pretty much the standard today. The top row of keys has some specific iOS functions like home, audio playback, web, search and so on.

Usually I don’t find it comfortable to type on a 10 inch form factor keyboard, but in this case I found my big hands to accommodate pretty fast with the layout and size so I found myself typing pretty fast on this keyboard after less than a few minutes of use. That’s a feat even for larger desktop keyboard. The keys provide very good tactile feedback, so they’ll be a joy for touch typists out there.

The keyboard doesn’t flex under pressure, so that’s good news in terms of quality.

The pairing process is quite easy: turn on the keyboard and the iPad’s Bluetooth connection and press the pairing button. The keyboard should then appear in the list of nearby devices. Tapping once on it will pair the two devices and you’re set to go. It’s that easy.

Recharging the internal battery is done via a micro USB cable, provided by Zagg, and one charge is said to last at least a few weeks. Personally I haven’t recharged it once in the few weeks since I’ve got it, so there’s no reason not to trust Zagg’s claims.

Illuminated keys
Illuminated keys

Final words

There’s only one thing not to like about Zagg’s Profolio+ iPad keyboard and that’s the price: around $130 right now. That’s a little bit too steep for most of us, but if you want the best keyboard out there you can’t go wrong with this one. I can’t imagine a better for those of you typing a lot on your tablet. Don’t forget to check out the video review on this page, as it’ll provide additional answers to the questions you might have about this keyboard case.


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