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ZaggFolio Keyboard case for the new iPad 3 Review

Updated on July 27, 2012


One of the best things that millennium three brought with se is, probably the tablet. Who made the first tablet in the world? What is the most widely sold tablet? Which one is the most impressive tablet at the moment? These questions express both history and common knowledge for most of us. The answers are all simple: Apple, iPad, namely the iPad 3.

The Ipad 3 is expected to hit new records in sales, so many tried to produce and advertise the best iPad accessories, among which is also the keyboard for new iPad 3 and a protective shield. We thought that the best combination is to get them both in one piece, which is why we appreciated the effort of the Zagg guys in creating the ZaggFolio Keyboard case for the new iPad. Let’s take a closer look at it and see if it could match our standards for the best new iPad keyboards!

ZaggFolio for new iPad 3
ZaggFolio for new iPad 3

The Zagg Company is a very interesting one, first of all. The business started in 2005, when the CEO discovered that a protective and invisible shield used in the army had a great potential in the mainstream market. So, what he did was to use that shield to create the perfect protective skin for the iPhone. This new product was a hit, so since that moment the guys from Zagg channeled their creative work and ideas in designing shields (and not only) for specific Apple products. And the iPad 3 could not miss from this equation!

What we actually liked about the ZaggFolio Keyboard case for the new iPad is that quality is implemented successfully in both the case and the keyboard. The case is basically a hard shell covered with genuine leather (although polyurethane is available, as well). The same case can transform into a stand for the tablet and the keyboard included is one of the best new iPad keyboards.

Performance and conclusion

The typing feel and experience is fantastic, for a tablet keyboard. It is actually designed to improve the speed of typing and we convinced ourselves of that after testing it. Aside from that, you also get specific iPad keys (such as volume control, music control, home, search, and copy and paste).

The price of the ZaggFolio Keyboard case for new iPad is 100 Us dollars, but then again what you get is one of the best new Ipad keyboards and a very attractive protecting case.


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    • ionutpopa profile image

      ionutpopa 5 years ago

      I know, I've contacted them and they said the best thing would be to get the synthetic models....

    • profile image

      photon6 5 years ago

      Leather edition is out of stock and has been for over 30 days.