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Zalman NC2000 Notebook Cooler

Updated on September 20, 2010

Introduction to the Zalman 2000 Notebook Cooler

For the last decade notebooks have been increasing in power to keep up with demand. Unfortunately notebook cooling has taken a back seat to the companies trying to beat their competition with mare and more powerful notebook models. The good news is that with quiet notebook coolers like the Zalman 2000, you can stop overheating notebook problems, and prevent the loss of data.

The Zalman 2000 notebook cooler is one of the world's best notebook coolers. It's high quality silent fans make it one of the best quiet notebook cooler brands available today. While there are plenty of Zalman notebook coolers to choose from, I still think that the Zalman NC2000 gives you the most for your money.

Zalman NC2000 Notebook Cooler

Zalman NC2000 Notebook Cooler
Zalman NC2000 Notebook Cooler

Zalman NC2000 Notebook Cooler Review

in this review of the fantastic Zalman NC2000 notebook cooler I will be giving you the rundown on why this is one of the best quiet notebook coolers on the market today. From it's detailed design, to the components which help it run a powerful stream of air silently and in a seemingly effortless way, the Zalman NC2000 is a fantastic way to solve those overheating notebook problems!

The Zalman brand is well known for it's quiet notebook cooling, but today I will be showing you why a Zalman NC2000 notebook cooler is the best quiet notebook cooler for anyone who wants a reliable quality in their quiet notebook cooler.

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Zalman NC2000 Structure

The Zalman NC2000 is well built, and can protect well against knocks and drops. The first thing you will notice is the strong but lightweight plastic base, the fans are inside this, and inside the plastic there is a hollow chamber, which allows for complete coverage airflow to the underside of your notebook from the two fans.

The second part of the Zalman NC2000 structure is it's 3mm thick aluminum plate, which is highly efficient at pulling heat away from your notebook. This metal plate has over 900 airholes which allow a quiet but strong airflow to take heat away from both your notebook, and notebook cooler.

The entire Zalman NC2000 unit is designed for widescreen 17 inch notebooks, however it can fit smaller notebooks, and even a 19 inch notebook with relative ease.

Zalman NC2000 Fans

The fans on the Zalman NC2000 notebook cooler are one of teh defining features which make the Zalman notebook cooler range stand out as one of the best available notebook cooling brands in the world.

The fans which power the airflow on the Zalman NC2000 have three features which make them ideal, if a little more expensive than regular computer fans.

  • Powerful
  • Reliable
  • Silent

The fans in a the Zalman NC2000 notebook cooler are powerful enough to keep your notebook cool under stress, reliable because they very rarely break down, or start to suffer from 'wear noise' after several weeks/months of use, and they run silently, so quiet you can barely hear them going at all.

Other Zalman NC2000 Features

There are some great features supporting the top Zalman NC2000 notebook cooler.  The Zalman NC2000 features include

  • Fan Speed Control Wheel (To give you power or silence depending on your situation)
  • On/Off Switch (To save power on the move)
  • Power Indicator (Because the fans on the quiet Zalman NC2000 are near silent)
  • USB Pass Through Port (So you don't lose a USB port)

The fantastic qualities help make the Zalman NC2000 a functional yet simple device which has stayed at the top of many of the Top Ten Notebook Cooler lists!

The Zalman NC2000 Notebook Cooler Review Conclusion

The great mix of silence mixed with power make this one of the best, if not the best quiet notebook coolers in the world.  In fact one of the few challngers to the Zalman NC2000 is the Zalman NC3000, which is even more silent, and about as powerful.

In most respects however the Zalman NC2000 notebook cooler is the perfect choice for most people looking to buy a quiet notebook cooler to protect their notebook hardware and their data.


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