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Zenithink C91 Upgraded Android 4.0 Tablet Review

Updated on November 8, 2012

The Score

4 stars for Zenithink C91 Upgraded

Zenithink C91 Tablet

Tablets have been in the spot light for awhile now. Most people only know about the iPad but the popular Android smart phone operating system is also a tablet operating system. Just like iOS runs on both the iPhone and iPad the Android operating system runs on both phones and tablets.

Unfortunately the iPad is extremely expensive and is well of out of the price range of most people for a tablet. This left a big gap in the market for cheaper tablets. Luckily for us there were plenty of manufacturers willing to fill this gap with Android Tablets.

Best of the all Android operating system works just as well if not better than the iOS operating system. It has it's own App store with tons of apps both free and paid for you to download and most of the popular Apps have both Android and iOS versions out as the user base for Android tablets and phones is rapidly growing.

Android 4.0

The Zenithink C91 comes pre-installed with the latest version of the Android operating system. I am of course talking about Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich as it is named. This as good as it means it has all of the latest security and performance updates allowing you to get the most out of your tablet. It also isn't all that common yet and most Android tablets still come with Android version 2.3 or 2.4 making them two versions of android out of date.

Android 4.0 comes full of features for your Zenithink C91 tablet to take advantage of. You are able to easily go onto the Android Market place or Google Play as it is called now and expand the features of your lap top with Apps. The possibilities are endless and all of the latest Android Apps and Games are available.

Price Advantage

With both Amazon and Google at each other's throats in the tablet market they have dominated the top of the line section of android tablets. This tablet gets it's advantage in it's price point.

Due to being just slightly under powered the Zenithink C91 is priced to sell. If you have been itching for a tablet but just don't want to pay for the name brand tablets then the Zenithink C91 is the perfect tablet for you.


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