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Zomm- Keeping You Securely Attached to Your Cellphone

Updated on August 11, 2011

Wireless Leash, Zomm, keeps phone & owner together

Wireless Technology, Great Invention

 For those of us who constantly walk away forgetting our cellphones, Zomm is a lifesaver. This small, round wireless leash device communicates with your phone and sets off an audible alarm and vibration if you and your phone separate for more than 30'.

Basically a Bluetooth keychain, the phone and Zomm are paired just like any other Bluetooth device. When the owner walks off, let's say to use the restroom, for example, the device will quickly begin vibrating and alarming so that the owner remembers to bring the device with him/her. It will help with cellphone thefts, and definitely with those of us who have too many things running through our minds to remember to pick up our phone when we walk away. An additional feature is a built in panic alarm that will also dial for emergency help. Zomm also notifies the owner of incoming phone calls with a vibration alert, as well. The Zomm is much cheaper than a cellphone replacement, and with the bonus features, it really adds a degree of security.

Zomm can be purchased through their website, or also at retailers like Best Buy. The Zomm runs $79.99 with an optional replacement warranty for $19.99. The device comes in black or white, has a rechargable lithium ION battery that simply charges via USB, and weighs a mere .49 ounce.


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    • profile image

      Bomiqua 7 years ago

      Fantabulous!! This thing is the bomb! Thanks for the write up.