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Zoom Recorder

Updated on February 2, 2011

The Zoom H2 Recorder

While the Zoom Recorder isn't the very best handheld stereo recorder you can get I've seen a few professional models selling for 2 to 3 times as much. The H2 Zoom has twice as many mics as any other devices of it's kind.


You can find these selling today for under 200 bucks but when it first came out it went for around 300.

Some favored features...

  1. Dollar for dollar it really beats all other comparibles.
  2. Unique 360 degree 4 mic capsule feature

Nice on your wallet and also small in your hand!

  1. Two features not worth bragging about:
  2. The display screen could have been a little larger.

Found the limiter/compressor a little sluggish.

On a better note, the H2 Zoom Recorder is able to record many different resolutions of both MP3 and WAV audio. Pro quality sound is available at 24-bit/96kHz when you need it. For a rehearsal you can use an mp3 setting so it's nice to have the option and save some memory if you want to.

The Zoom Recorder will be of interest to:

  • Anyone that wants to record seminars & conferences
  • Media at electronic news gatherings
  • Podcasters
  • Fans at musical performances
  • Songwriters
  • Musicians rehearsals
  • Drama groups

The front grill on the Zoom Recorder is retro looking and very remindful of the classic 40's microphone look. Most people will be satisfied with all of it's popular features and there may be a few that some people won't even care for... unless you're a musician like me, in which case you'll also enjoy the handy guitar tuner and metronome that are built-in.

Of course audio can be downloaded from it too. On a small device such as this it can be difficult to do some of the editing... no problem, just plug it into the USB port on your computer to work more comfortably with all the editing functions on your big screen.

The distinctive W-XY microphone pick-up patterns work like this: a front 90 degree cardioid, a rear 120 cardioid and a360 degree polar pattern.

This is a wise and unique feature of the H2 Zoom… quadruple mic capsule, which actually gives you various types of surround recording, including a format that stores 360° information onto 4 tracks which you can extract later into 5.1 surround sound. Put the H2 Zoom in the middle of a 3 piece band for instance and you would get a nice surround sound mix, drums in the back and guitars all around.

My Quick H2 Zoom Video Review:

Click link for access to link


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    Some Photos of the H2 Zoom Recorder:

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