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Zymic Is Great For Free Web Hosting

Updated on March 19, 2010

I recently decided that I wanted to try to start a Blog as well as write here on Hub Pages but I wasn't about to pay anybody for web hosting. In the past I've used Angelfire for my small site needs but thought it was time for a change, I did a lot of searching until I finally stumbled upon Zymic. Honestly Zymic was by far the best free hosting site that I came across while doing my searches. Zymic offers 6000MB of disk space, 50GB of bandwith, 5 PHP / MYSQL databases, FTP file management, and the two that really hooked me in, NO ADS and FREE DOMIAN NAME. Now the free domain is awarded to you once you meet their standards but the sub domain names you can choose from aren't so bad, one of the sites I'm going to be working on is . Having No Ads is also a huge advantage because I can just simply ad my own Google adsense ads, no reason the hosting site should get paid for something that I can get paid for. I've started making 4 different websites on Zymic under my user name, I actually don't think they limit how many sites you can have and since they are all under one user name you can transition from each sites file manager easily. You do have to be fairly good with HTML because Zymic doesn't provide a "basic or easy" html editor, when you go to create a new web page all you get is a blank white box which does have a spell check. However Zymic does try to make it easy for the HTML challenged with their support forums, free tutorials, as well as free website templates. I actually used their free templates for two of my sites because I loved how they looked and they were very easy to install. Another thing I like about Zymic is that they are very vigilante in policing their web sites for scammers and spammers which is always a positive. There are even a few videos on youtube that can help you with your site and give you some infor on zymic.

Hopefully this hub has helped a few people decide to take advatage of Zymic's services for their free web hosting needs. If you couldn't guess the address isĀ . If anybody knows of a comparable free web hosting service or one that you think is even better feel free to leave a comment.


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    • profile image

      anthonyxy 4 years ago

      I’ve had a website with Zymic for over 3 years with no major problems except for frequent downtimes. Then suddenly today, for no apparent reasons I can think off, Zymic pulled the plug on my site and suspended it.

      My site is themed on my family history and has kept the same formats since I first created and uploaded the site on the Zymic host with no problems.

      Zymic do not disclose reasons why they suspend sites, but that’s not really my issue. Where my site used to be, there is now an imposing abuse notice, with a list violations that may have brought Zymic to terminate my website. This really does not do anything for my good name and reputation on line. I tried to contact Zymic via their live chat service to have the notice taken down, and the only response I received from a member of admin was; JUST WAIT, after desperately waiting 40 minutes for a response.

      The Zymic staff is rude, curt, extremely unfriendly, extremely unhelpful and are truly a nasty piece of work.

      I would not recommend anyone to create a website with any of these free hosts. They will delete your site within an instant, without care, with no explanations, for the slightest of reasons without mercy. In fact they will mess you up.

    • profile image

      rehan 5 years ago

      how pake comment box in website plz send me the full detail on gmail accout mrehwan

    • profile image

      Layale 5 years ago

      I have a free website in zymic too. How do I delete the data I have in my website? I have only uploaded html pages and I don't how to remove them? is it with filezilla?? How I can do it?

    • profile image

      Sahin 6 years ago

      I m not satisfied with zymic services.

      becoz of remote connection has been disable on zymic.

      if u uising wordpress you will not deserve to use contact form and email function.

      but is giving truly sevice

      no error here

    • profile image

      PIYUSH 6 years ago

      I HAVE CRATED MY SITE "".visite my site.

      Zymic is realy very good.

    • 20webhosting profile image

      20webhosting 6 years ago

      How many connections for mysql is allowed at the same time?

    • profile image

      amanda boissoneault 7 years ago

      Hi Paul I agree with you completely. Zymic is not the host you want to use. They have poor customer service and business practice methods. When sending emails they are not addressed. I was troubleshooting a website template and in the process of changing it to make it my own they froze it. Now their is a link with my name and niche apparel on google and this damaging message. I believe eventually someone will sue them for damages and win.

    • profile image

      Paul Hodge 7 years ago

      In my opinion, zymic is not the host you want to use. I made 1 little mistake in the code that they did not like. So, they displayed a very defamatory message to my visitors, a snapshot can be seen at

      I did not deserve such harsh treatment. There was no scam, fraud, pfishing or any other activities they made so prominent. They real reason they had posted this was hidden at the very bottom in tiny letters & was still not specific, so it was very misleading to any visitors. They tried to ruin my reputation for something very petty.

      They refused to remove it at first saying it would stay up forever(?). After I spoke to my attorney & showed him what they had done, he told me what to tell them. I did so & they finally removed it after about 6 hrs, still claiming it was justified.

    • profile image

      pranoy 7 years ago

      i registered with zymic and i dont hv an iade about how to make a website with zymic

      can any one help onthis by givinfg a tutorial with basic

      plz do post alert whn u reply on this post

    • profile image

      rahim 7 years ago

      Just registered with Zymic and got the first webpage going. PHP script is not executed within the html file, and both the forum and chat facilities provide no help at all. Also the ftp which worked fine initially suddenly bombed out saying it is "out". Haven't been able to ftp over the last hour at least.

      All this within the first few hours of subscribing ... not impressed ... I going back to 000webhost. Despite their annoying "website under review" crap, they are still better in other regards.

    • profile image

      Mumtaz 7 years ago

      i have a create website on my mane please the method of website. i am Waite.


    • profile image

      Abdillah 8 years ago

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    • profile image

      Ann 8 years ago

      I also use Zymic and I love that they don't force a page builder on you. I'm pretty familiar with HTML and generally hate GUIs in my face.

    • profile image

      thetaylorbear 8 years ago

      I use these guys... : Web Hosting with the most-ting !

      Here's a cool , calm & collected web hosting company on the rise they are just starting out & this is what they offer.

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      - FrontPage Extensions

      After signup you will be given access to theTTCHost reseller control panel, Web Host Manager.

      WHM will allow you manage and provide your customers with their own user control panels (cPanel) which will enable them to create and modify their own web sites. Once your customer is logged into cPanel they are able to control sub domains, email addresses, passwords and much more without requiring any assistance! In the event that you encounter any difficulties, they are availble to help.

    • profile image

      erjan 8 years ago

      visit my site i also use zymic free host its good site

      i made a forum on that free hosting be the first to post on my forum.