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a guide to choosing a perfect username

Updated on June 3, 2016

if your struggling to pick a username, this guide will help you pick a stylish, amazing username!

For a perfect username, you need at least 2 words and a number!

For the first word, take the first letter of your name and think of something you like!

eg. the first letter of my name is 'G' so I will choose a word beginning with 'G'.

choose your favourite word

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Then, for the second word choose a word that represents, who you are and what you are!

eg. im a dancer, im a girl, and im English.

choose which word represents you

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finally, you need a number, maybe choose your favourite number or your age.

as this will make your name more unique and personal.

eg. fav number- 8, 14, 1 / age- 12, 15, 9

choose your favourite number or your age

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now, you should have a cool username , personal and unique, just for you to use!

my resulting name was- glittergirl1.

see its as easy as that! Please comment your resulting name and make sure to vote on the polls!

Thanks and I hope this guide helped you.

glittrgirl xoxo


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