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A.R.T. Multi-Effects Processors

Updated on February 17, 2013

A.R.T. Applied Research and Technology

Applied Research and Technology began producing professional audio signal processing equipment in 1984.

Former employees of the original MXR Innovations created ART, which has become one of the world's largest signal processing manufacturers. ART engineers have been developing products for the music industry for nearly 30 years. Cool items like the original MXR Phase 90, the original MXR Flanger (the Eddie Van Halen sound) and the MXR 175 Rackmount Delay (the one guitar virtuoso Eric Johnson uses) were created by an ART Engineer!

The company product line began with a primary focus on pro audio processing. The product line consisted of rack mounted, high-definition equalizers and digital reverbs. Many of these originals are still in use today... a testament to ART design and engineering.

Currently, ART addresses the Dynamics Processing market with a broad range of audio tools. ART introduced the Tube MP Microphone Preamp, which set a new standard for tube mic preamp price/performance expectations. Mix magazine nominated the unit for a prestigious TEC Award that year... and for those who are familiar with the TEC Awards, you know the prestige of the award.

ART, realizing the need for tube processing that delivers on a price/performance ratio, went on to developing a full line of microphone preamps that all have the acclaimed ART sound. ART also created a full line of Tube Compressors, including the highly acclaimed PRO VLA, which has become the compressor to own among the project (and pro) studio set. The Pro VLA won Electronic Musician Magazine Editor's Choice Award for Best Dynamics Processor under $1,000.

Today, ART offers more products that address more needs - all at lower prices - than ever before. We have a brand new series - our 400 Series of Processors, which include professional graphic equalizers, audio utilities and digital power distribution systems.

A.R.T. Xtreme Guitar Effects Pedal
A.R.T. Xtreme Guitar Effects Pedal


Tube Mic Preamps

Tube MP - The Original

Tube MP - Studio V3

Tube MP - Project Series

Tube PAC - Tube Mic Preamp/Compressor

TPS II - Tube Preamplifier System

Pro Channel - Mic Preamp/Compressor/EQ

Pro MPA-II - Two Channel Mic Preamp

Digital Interfaces

Digital MPA-II - Two Ch. Mic Pre w/ A/D Conversion

DPS II - Digital Preamplifier System

SyncGen - Word-Clock Generator

Tube MP - Project Series w/ USB

TubeOpto 8 - Eight Ch. Mic Preamp with ADAT

USB Dual Pre Project Series - Two Ch USB Pre

USBDualTubePre - Two Channel USB Tube Preamp

USB Phono Plus v2 - Phono Preamp with USB

VoiceChannel - Tube Channel Strip with Digital Outs


M-One - Cardioid FET Condenser Microphone

M-One/USB - Cardioid Condenser USB Microphone

M-Two - Cardioid FET Condenser Microphone

M-Three - Multi-pattern FET Condenser Microphone

M-Four - Multi-pattern Tube Condenser Microphone

M-Five - Ribbon Microphone

Power Amps

SLA1 - 100W Power Amplifier

SLA2 - 200W Power Amplifier

SLA4 - 4x140W Power Amplifier

Tube Compression

Pro VLA II - Two Channel Vactrol-based Compressor


CX310 - 2way/3way Crossover

CX311 - 2way Crossover with Subwoofer Out

Graphic Equalizers

351 - Single 31 band EQ

341 - Dual 15 band EQ

355 - Dual 31 band EQ

HQ231 - Pro Dual 31 Band EQ w/ FDC

XL231 - Dual 31-Band, 1/3 Octave, Graphic EQ

Power Distribution

PB4x4 - Power Distribution System

PB4x4 PRO - Power Distribution System

PR8 PRO - Professional Power Regulator

PS8 PRO - Professional Power Sequencer

SP4x4 - Metered Power Dist. System

SP4x4 PRO - LED Metered PDS

PS4x4 - Dual Metered Power Dist. System

PS4x4 PRO - Dual LED Metered PDS

Audio Utilities

PDB - Passive Direct Box

dPDB - Dual Passive Direct Box

HeadAmp6 - 6 Ch. Headphone Amp

HeadAmp6 Pro - 6 Ch. Pro Headphone Amp

MX225 - MX225 Zone Distribution Mixer

MX622 - 6 Ch (1U) Stereo Mixer w/ EQ/EFX Loop

MX821 - 8 Ch (1U) Mic/Line Mixer w/ Tone

P16 - XLR Balanced Patch Bay

P48 - 48 Point Balanced Patch Bay

S8 - Eight Channel Mic Splitter

S8-3Way - Eight Channel Three-Way Mic Splitter

T8 - 8 Channel Transformer / Isolator


AV Direct - Audio/Video Direct Box

CleanBOX II - Hum Eliminator

CLEANBox Pro Dual Channel Level Converter

CoolSwitch - A/B-Y Switch

DJPRE II - Phono Preamplifier

DTI - Dual Transformer/Isolater

HeadAMP 4 - Eight Output Stereo Headphone Amp

HeadAMP V - Five Channel Mixer/Amplifier

HeadTAP - Headphone Tap

MacroMIX - Four Channel Personal Mixer

MyMONITOR - Personal Headphone Monitor Mixer

Phantom I - 48V Phantom Power Supply

Phantom II Pro Dual Ch. Phantom Power Supply

PowerMIX III - Three Channel Personal Stereo Mixer

ProMIX - Three Channel Microphone Mono Mixer

ProSplit - Transformer Isolated Mic Splitter

SPLITComPro - Mic Splitter/Combiner

SPLITMix4 - Four Channel Passive Splitter/Mixer

XDirect - Professional Active Direct Box

ZDirect - Professional Passive Direct Box

DUALXDirect - Dual Professional Active Direct Box

DUALZDirect - Dual Professional Passive Direct Box

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