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Acoustical Materials used in types of acoustic systems - for different surround sound

Updated on August 13, 2013

Noise reduction

You might have been come across noisy places. When you come back to home you like calm and quiet environment from those type of noisy places. Even you might be searching for calm ,noiseless office places for deep thinking and decision making. But how we can achieve this? And that too,cities are always crowdy and noisy. 


acoustic systems

Why to control noise? this question arise naturally. For important meetings, discussions and even hospitals needs calm and quiet places. As such we cannot avoid crowdy and noisy places in this growing world. Especially in cities we may come across automobiles moving sound, train , airplane making noise .Even you are at home near to railway station and airport , you can't avoid this noise. Some people get used with this type of noise. Some they avoid houses near airport and railway stations for this reason. Instead of avoiding being near there, we must search for alternatives.

Not only above said places , even crowded restraunts, hotel rooms and even hospitals , offices we like noise free or atleast reduced way of noise. when you are in important meetings you try to close the doors and curtains of windows to avoid noise in between speech. This will not only reduce noise and gives us calm mind for decision making. For hospitals patients need calm environment for speedy recovery. This may look like psycological , but it is must.Apart from this for privacy issues we like noise reduced rooms.

So, noise reduction for offices , schools , hospitals and restrauants , hotel rooms, and houses near the airport and railway stations is unavoidable. To reduce the noise some systems are required. That system is called as acoustic systems. This acoustic systems comes with various types of material and in sizes. This not only reduces the noise and controls the sound transmission between spaces.Before going into the subject, we must be knowing about STC and NRC abbreviations. These acronym for acoustic systems.

1.STC ratings ( sound transmission ratings)
With any type of acoustic systems and accessories rated for STC. For example STC 55 means , the system can blocks upto 55decibels.Morethan that , it may allow to pass. So, when we talk about the acoustic systems we must understand this ratings.This STC ratings measured sound transmission in between spaces.

2.NRC (Noise reduction control- coefficient)
This second one sound index within space. Normally it is between 0 and 1.If there is no noise absorption means it is 0. If it is 0.7 means, the material used in the acoustic systems absorbs 70% of noise. 30% remains.

Reducing the noise for a given place done with following methods and means. Understanding the STC and NRC will give us clear picture about how we are going to tackle the acoustic systems. So, before we decide for acoustic systems we must consult acoustic professionals.The acoustic systems is made out of acoustic materials varies from place to place depends on noise. Because airborne sound transfer resisting at the frequencies from 100 to nearly 4000Hshould be tackled using various types and types of materials. For example concrete wall. Given a space , to reduce the noise , simply we may increase the thickness of wall or add the mineral boards.

In other cases we may increase the air space between walls or adding some of the absorptive materials.some of the acoustic materials and their ratings as follows.This will give you rough idea about the acoustic matetials.Even your floor matting will help you to reduce the noise in a considerable way.

Acoustic door         STC 44db NRC 1

Acoustic curtain      STC 27db NRC .5

Acoustic floor          STC >52db NRC 1


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