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Adsl Speed

Updated on July 11, 2011

How Fast is Your Internet Connection?

Testing your adsl speed doesn't have to be difficult or complicated, and there are a few web sites which offer a speed test to determine your overall upload and download adsl speed. You needn't be on adsl, as these sites will work with any type of connection even though most are listed as an "adsl speed test". Knowing your adsl speed is very important if you're considering changing internet service providers, and is just nice to know to check if your current provider is giving you the service for which you're paying!
In particular, the speed test at is quick and convenient, and gives you a few things that many of the others overlook. First of all, did you know that testing your internet speed isn't really as simple as clicking a button and getting a result? Well, you can do it that way with any site, but the result won't really mean much, which is why test gives you comprehensive, though easy to follow, instructions to prepare for a meaningful adsl speed test.

For instance, it is important to make sure that nobody else in your household is using the internet, as any bandwidth they're using will be subtracted from the results of the speed test. Then, make sure that there aren't any programs downloading data on your computer in the background, such as extra browser sessions, instant messaging applications, download managers or automatic updaters.

Additional suggestions from the adslspeedcom website include connecting your computer directly to the router in case your wireless connection is slowing things down, and checking your PC for malware (a good idea anyway!) just before performing the adsl speed test, since malware will also be using bandwidth.

These procedures take just a few minutes, and are important if you're going to get a meaningful result from your test. Once you're all set, actually performing the test is incredibly simple. Just navigate to our featured adsl speed test website and give it a few seconds to detect your IP address and location so it can optimize the test. Then simply click "Start test" on the right side of your screen. Couldn't be simpler!

Saving and embedding or reviewing the test results is a feature not offered by many other speed testing sites. Once your test is complete, just click on the "Save and Embed Results" link at the top of the map on the upper right side of your screen, and two boxes will open. These will list some HTML code you can simply copy and paste into your blog or web site, and some forum code you can paste into a message. It even allows you to save the results right to your computer.So next time you want to test your adsl speed you only have to visit and wait just 10 seconds for Speed Test results .

My Adsl Speed Test screenshot

Adsl Speed Test
Adsl Speed Test | Source

My Adsl Speed test esults

Check out my results for the adsl speed test I run at


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