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Boost Your Productivity: Top Tips to Get Things Done Faster Today

Updated on April 7, 2017

How we work is fast becoming as important as how much we work. Working in a certain way or using the right tools might just be the difference in how fast and how productive you are. We can be limited or empowered by the technology we choose for any given task.

Here are some major tips on how to get work done faster and how to be more productive in different aspects of life.

1. Make a list: While this might sound cliché, but there is an absolute joy that comes from crossing off tasks as done on a list. Once a list is drawn up it provides a scope as to the work that needs doing and in what order or priority. Having a list ensures that important tasks don't get forgotten and trivial tasks can as well be left off the list. Tasks that depend on each other can also be highlighted and marked. Various applications help in creating lists and making this available at the press of a button. Such lists can also be shared for suggestions or just for accomplishment. Lists also help to allocate time to tasks and for delegation.

2. Set deadlines for getting things done: Productivity goes beyond getting tasks done. It involves getting tasks done on time and in an orderly fashion. The world is moving at an increasingly fast pace, and the gadget you use must be able to keep up with the demands of the day. Consult people as to how much time a given task might take and plan accordingly. Also, give room for unforeseen circumstances, time estimates come with practice, and the more you do it, the better you get at managing your time. Completing your tasks early gives room to make any necessary adjustment. It also provides an opportunity for rest. You can use the reminder app on your phone to provide alerts so you can know how much time you have left on a given task.

3. Work smart. Choose the right tool for the right job. For example, are you slow with a computer keyboard? Then why not use a mobile phone to type out your documents first before transferring to a laptop for editing? Cell phone keyboards offer various auto correct features and predictive tools that save time in corrections and word hunt. Why not create a group and add all the necessary people needed to help you finish your task? The group will support every member of the team and keep them all updated at the same time. Family groups are also an effective way to share information and to keep in touch.

4. Delegate responsibilities: Identify people with unique skill sets and provide them with tasks they enjoy doing or are excellent at. For example, in planning for a party, factors like the social and financial responsibilities should be put into consideration. Use friends that have a financial acumen to handle the financial aspects while more social individuals can be responsible for the ideas and entertainment. Bringing together each's best effort helps to not only save time but to create an all-round superior outcome. You can also keep track of duties using a spreadsheet to monitor status.

5. Rest! You have a finite capacity, and we are subject to the laws of diminishing returns. Doing less can be more productive than doing more. Carve out time to recharge your batteries. Take a break from the worn-out routines, and you'd be surprised as to how much you'd get done and how well things would get done. So many great ideas were born during a quiet walk in the park.


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