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Air Swimmers Shark and Clownfish - Inflatable Remote Control Toys

Updated on April 19, 2013

Inflatable Shark and Clownfish Floating Remote Control Toys

The Air Swimmers Shark and Clownfish floating remote control blimps are top toys for Christmas 2011. Find out how these toys work and what you need to know before buying one.

The Shark and Clownfish remote control balloons are great fun and look very realistic as they swim through the air.

Air Swimmers have been going in and out of stock. We hope they have enough for Christmas!

Air Swimmers Features - What you need to know before you buy an Air Swimmer

  1. The Air Swimmers Shark and Clownfish are inflatable remote control toys which can be navigated through the air using an infra-red remote control.
  2. Air Swimmers are an indoor toy. The makers say they will work in the smallest of rooms, but a larger space is better. They bounce of walls and can be navigated through doorways. Turn off ceiling fans and cover anything else sharp and pointy.
  3. Air Swimmers need to be filled with helium. You can do this from a helium canister at home or take your Air Swimmer to a party store to get it inflated (do think about how you will get it home!)
  4. Once inflated your Air Swimmer will float for around two weeks. Putty is used as a weight to adjust bouyancy over this time.
  5. An Air Swimmer needs 4 AAA batteries. One in the Shark or Clownfish balloon and 3 in the remote control unit.
  6. Air Swimmers are recommended for kids from age 7+ to control and are great fun for adults too. Younger kids will definitely enjoy watching but may need help with the controls.

Air Swimmers - Awesome RC Flying Shark and Clownfish!

The Air Swimmers a really a toy that you want to see in action. This fun video shows the Flying Shark and Clownfish being flown in various indoor locations. The motion really is very realistic, I love the way the tails move.

Air Swimmer Remote Control Inflatable Floating Shark@ Amazon


It's the awesome Air Swimmers Shark! Very cool.

The Shark is big, he measures 57" long and 36" high.

Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Clownfish

@ Amazon


Fans of Finding Nemo will love the Air Swimmers Clownfish.

He's 57" long and 36" high. And very orange!

Air Swimmers Shark or Clownfish?

Which Air Swimmer do you like best?

See results

Disposable Helium Tank

@ Amazon


You can use a disposable Helium tank designed for filling party balloons to fill your Air Swimmer at home. The Air Swimmers manual says that you should be able to fill your Air Swimmer several times from a small Helium tank.

This is probably more convenient than having to fill your Air Swimmer at a party store and then get it home afterwards!

Air Swimmers Instructions Video

Save yourself some time by watching the Air Swimmers instructional video in advance. Once you get your Air Swimmer you'll want to play with it as soon as possible!

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Air Swimmers Shark and Clownfish

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