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All In One Remote Control

Updated on June 13, 2011

All in One Remote Control

Are you looking for good all in one remote controls? If you are tired of having several remotes laying around and never being able to find them, then maybe a good all in one remote control would be the solution.

It's hard keeping up with a remote for the DVD player, a remote for the Blu-Ray, a remote for the tv, a remote for the old VCR that you keep around just for the heck of it, the remote for the stereos, etc.... After a while, you realize that you can no longer tell which one belongs to what. Then you realize that you can't keep up with all of them... or most of them... or half of them... or.... any of them! It's time to down size to an all in one.

Picking out the right one though isn't quite as simple. This page will help you look at the different kinds and then figure out what is best for you!

What Are You Looking For In A Remote Control?

What are you looking for in a remote control?

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How To Pick Out The Perfect All in One Remote Control

When picking out the perfect remote control for you, you need to consider a few things.

First of all, consider your budget. Remote controls can range from very inexpensive, to extremely expensive. It depends on how many devices you need to connect, how much you want to be able to do with it, and how much convenience and features you want with it.

Next, you need to consider the compatibility. Check and make sure that all your electronics will work with all in one remote controls, and that certain brands won't matter.

Finally, considered personal preference! Think about how much convenience you want in a remote control. Do you just want something that will combine everything? Or are you looking for something to combine everything and give convenience? Are you looking for something extremely basic and easy to use? Or are you looking for something complicated with a lot of features?

Think about those, and then look around and compare. There are several different kinds of all in one remote controls that i will be posting on here. Look at all of them, and see what works for you!

Logitech Harmony One Universal Remote

If you want a very high tech all in one remote control, then this could be the one for you. It's a very nice remote, with a lot of features. This is one for convenience and quality and to impress your friends!


1. One Touch Activity -- Watch TV with the click of one button.

2. Full-Color Touch Screen-- Pretty screen and easy to use!

3. Ergonomic Design-- Very comfortably fits in your hand.

4. Guided Online Set Up -- Get help online setting up your remote.

5. Use for up to 15 remotes-- Declutter and cut down to only one remote! Easy to keep up with.

6. Light Up Buttons -- Find the right button you need, even in the dark.

7. Rechargeable battery-- End the battle of constantly replacing remote batteries.

8. Works with over 225,000 electronics-- Yours are sure to be compatible.


1. Great design

2. Colorful screen

3. Web programmable

4. Great layout of buttons

5. Rechargeable battery


1. No RF compatability

2. expensive

3. Prone to smudges on the slick black finish

Learn More About the Logitech Harmony

Monster Home Theater and Lighting Controller


1. Similar to Logitech Harmony's software

2. Has infrared and radio frequency

3. Control multiple rooms

4. Customizable activity buttons

5. Works through walls, floors, and doors


1. User friendly

2. Control's lighting, as well as tv, dvd, etc

3. Charger isn't so great


1. Poor configuration software

2. Expensive

Sony RM-VL600 8-Device Universal Learning Remote


1. Lead free

2. Controls up to 8 components

3. One touch system control

4. Learning function to program other remotes

5. Non-flamable

6. Uses AA batteries


1. Easy to program other remotes (use them if they have buttons that the Sony RM-VL600 doesn't have)

2. Great range

3. Train it to make a sequence of buttons become a one touch command

4. Not over cluttered with buttons


1. Bad design- not comfortable

2. Has to be programmed manually

Buy The Sony RM-VL600 8-Device Universal Learning Remote on Amazon

One For All URC 8820 8-Device Universal Remote Control


1. Use with up to 8 devices

2. PVR and DVR Functionability

3. Works with most major brands

4. Requires 2 AAA batteries

5. Limited lifetime warranty


1. Retains memory during battery changes

2. Has everything you need

3. Macro buttons

4. Affordable

5. Volume lock


1. No JPI interfacing

2. No backlights on the buttons

Buy the One For All URC 8820 8-Device Universal Remote Control on Amazon


Please note, I do make a small amount in affiliate revenue from sales made through this lens. i am trying to save money for college, and this is a great way to do so!

What kind of all in one remote control describes you? Have one that you like? One that you dislike? Got some other ideas? Post them here!!

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      8 years ago

      The monster one is definitely for me.


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