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Allstate Mayhem Commercials | Actor Who Plays the Mayhem Guy

Updated on January 17, 2018

The Allstate Mayhem Commercials

We've all seen the Allstate Mayhem commercials and if not the insurance commercials you have to watch some of them. That's why I have included some of the Allstate Mayhem ads in this article. They make light of some very serious situations you may find yourself in if you don't have the right insurance company. Mayhem represents all the things that can go wrong in your life and offers a way to avoid costly situations simply by buying the right insurance coverage from Allstate.

The Allstate Mayhem ads are some of the funniest insurance commercials I have ever seen and after watching these videos I'm sure you will agree. If you haven't found yourself in any of the situations described in these videos chances are at some point in your life you may, if so I wouldn't want to be caught without the right insurance company.

Allstate Mayhem Guy Actor Dean Winters
Allstate Mayhem Guy Actor Dean Winters

Allstate Mayhem Actor

Meet the actor who plays the Allstate Mayhem Guy. The Allstate Mayhem guy is actor Dean Winters. Dean is best known for his role as Ryan O'Reily in the HBO award winning series Oz and more recently alongside Tina Fey as her boyfriend Dennis Duffy in the Emmy award winning comedy 30 Rock.

Dean Winters gives a great performance in everything I have ever seen him in but the performaces that I enjoy more than anything are the 30 second Allstate Mayhem commercial spots as the Allstate Mayhem Guy.

Allstate Mayhem Ads - Toddler Mayhem

Allstate Mayhem Commercials Baby Mayhem

Baby Mayhem is one of my favorites although it is one that I have seen very few times. This video is probably the one that shows the most common form of mayhem and for anyone that has kids they know for a fact that this happens quite often. You're driving along maybe trying to find a gas station or a fast food restaurant.

Then all of the sudden it happens, your 3 year old eating Cherrio's in the backseat drops his/her favorite toy and they start yelling and screaming at you. As if you can just take your eyes of the road and hands off the wheel and hop back there with them and sift through all the junk they have thrown on the floor just to find that very toy.

Allstate Mayhem Commercials Motorcycle Mayhem

In the age of Craigslist and other free classifieds sites things like the Allstate motorcycle mayhem commercial are another common problem that some of us may be facing. It's understandable that the wife may want you to get rid of an eyesore in the yard or a motorcycle you bought as the result of a mid-life crisis but never actually ride.

It most certainly helps to have insurance coverage on those little gifts that you gave your ever so dwindling ego. Especially if you find yourself in the position that this guy gets himself into.

Allstate Mayhem Ads - Tree Branch Mayhem

Allstate Mayhem Commercials Tree Branch Mayhem

"Shaky Shaky". The tree branch mayhem commercial was the first Allstate Mayhem commercial I ever saw. I couldn't help but to laugh at this commercial. It was then that I knew that Allstate had to be coming out with more and I was right. I thought it was genius to personify chaotic situations.

Since this first Allstate Mayhem commercial there have been many to follow and I will post them below as well. These are some of the best commercials ever and rival that of many super bowl ads that I have seen. I hope you enjoy these ads as much as I have and thanks for visiting. If you enjoyed these videos then please feel free to leave comments and share this article with your friends.

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - Quarterback Mayhem

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - Flag Mayhem

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - Lawn Mower Mayhem

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - Christmas Tree Mayhem

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - Snow Mayhem

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - 12 Days of Christmas (Mayhem)

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - GPS Mayhem

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - Raccoon Mayhem

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - Text Walker Mayhem

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - Deer Mayhem

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - Jogging Girl Mayhem

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - Satellite Dish Mayhem

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - Large Espresso Mayhem

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - Pink SUV Mayhem

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - Downpour Opened Sunroof Mayhem

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - Guard Dog

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - Power Forward

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - Final Four

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - Golf Ball Sized Hail

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - Dryer Lint

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - Super Fan

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - Toilet

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - On Hold

Allstate Mayhem Commercials - Car Wash


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    • Mike Salud profile image

      Mike Salud 4 years ago from Chicago, Illinois

      BLOOPERRRR When Dean Winters falls backwards down the stairs and the clip showing him finally landing on the floor, it shows his right hand with a rubber glove on. THAT HAND IS A HUMAN LEFT HAND. I gotta know I am a male nurse.

    • Georgie Lowery profile image

      GH Price 5 years ago from Texas

      Ha! This is awesome. I found your Hub while researching something where I'm talking about Dean Winters. I'll link to your Hub. Great stuff!

    • ptosis profile image

      ptosis 5 years ago from Arizona

      I like when he's "your blind spot" where he's hanging off the driver's side of the car. Mr. Mayhem - sounds a lot better than Murphy's Law

    • profile image

      polly K Puckett 6 years ago

      i absolutely love all the commercials gives me such a good much

      better than geico