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alt web – alternative to the world’s best internet services

Updated on January 13, 2013

My daughter asked a strange question. What if Google was not there? How do people search the net before Google? My daughter was not born when I was using Altavista the best search engine available then.

This made me think of alternative to some of the best internet services. I came up with some very interesting and useful alt web services that are as good as the best in their respective field. For example for I found! Oh Boy!! 500px is in fact better then flickr.

I will discuss the most frequently use alternative web services. If you have your own suggestion to make, then you can use the comment section to add your suggestions. For now, please check out these:

  1. - alternative to
  2. - alternative to
  3. - alternative to
  4. - alternative to
  5. Google+ ( - alternative to

Alternative to Flickr -

In photo sharing web services, it is which is still top ranked website. But slowly photographers are moving away from flickr to The website has gorgeous layout. The flow design of photos is the best.

You can sell your photos without much hassle. As a user you can gain US$ 2 for every photo download; and 40 if someone takes a canvas print of your photo.

The photographers community is get more robust in than

Other Alternatives: can be considered as direct competitor to I have used the services some years back.

Another best alternative is twitter, where you can share your personal photos with the same ease as flickr.

Alternative to the search giant Google:

The best alternative to the search engine giant GOOGLE is It is very simple to use. Moreover, like Google, does not mine your personal data.

One of the feature I liked the most is !bang. If you type

!twitter cz12

in the search box, then it will throw the search results on Jackie Chan’s movie CZ12 directly in

Replace Gmail with


My first ever email was, I loved it. Couple of years later, Yahoo, a little later Gmail started their email services. I got stayed with gmail for long as Hotmail doesn’t seem to improve its services after it was taken over my Microsoft.

After several years, Hotmail has come up new branding called OUTLOOK. And I like the new avatar of Hotmail. Gmail’s gigabytes of space have run out for me. Outlook will provide room as your email data grows. Additional Outlook is SOCIAL NETWORK friendly, integrating with Twitter, Facebook.

The best part of the outlook is its ability to create Email Aliases. For example, you can create some temporary email ids under aliases. For example: you can create under your main account. And you can delete this temporary once you are done with this email id. This is very useful when you want to sign up for some new websites, and you don’t want to give your main email id.

choose over YouTube

Very soon net users will move away from Google and its services because of the privacy concerns. Google is mining user’s data and use it to Google advertisers’ benefits. Lot of alternative services now available that can replace Google and different web services it offers. Two are already listed above. YouTube is no exception, as we have an opt alternative as

Unlike YouTube, doesn’t have any restriction of 15-minutes video upload for free account. Additionally you can even download videos for off line viewing, which not possible in youtube. These two features good enough for me to choose over As a bonus, you get better quality video in

Google+ is better

ALT FACEBOOK – yeah, this time it is Google Plus.

Google+ has definite advantage over Facebook in social network services. The killer feature of Google+ is HANGOUTS. It is very easy to setup a hangout of 10-friends over Google+. Hangout event can be broadcast live to the world as well.

Also you can create an event, and ask friends and family members to put their photos of the event. This way you can all the photos taken by different members of family or friends to be in one place for a particular event.


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    • zanaworld profile image

      SA Shameel 5 years ago from Bangalore

      Thank teaches12345 for vote+++. I worked on this hubpage for almost a week before compiling the list.

      @RTalloni: I am glad I directed you to 500px. Soon I will be posting some pictures there to check if I can sell my hobby photos there.

    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 5 years ago from the short journey

      Thanks for this look at alternative services. I'll be checking out

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      Thanks for the information. I am certainly going to look up Vimeo. I just signed up with you tube, but this one sounds a bit more useful. Voted up +++