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Amazon Appstore for Android free and cheap game dowloads

Updated on September 11, 2014

Why Buy Through the Amazon Apps Store?

Amazon Appstore for Android is generally compatible with all Android devices that run Android version 1.6 or greater. Certain AT&T devices with firmware version 2.2 or greater are also compatible with Amazon Appstore for Android. Amazon Appstore for Android lets you instantly download games and mobile apps to your Android device. You can shop Amazon Appstore for Android from your Kindle Fire, your computer, or from our Amazon Appstore for Android app.

But Why Buy Through Amazon? Personally I signed up for an Amazon Credit Card as well. Whenever i make purchases through my Amazon account (which I use my Amazon credit card for purchases) I get points. These points can be used as cash for other purchases. So if you have an Amazon account already and use Amazon credit card for purchases, it makes sense to buy your apps through the Appstore to get the points.

It's quick and easy, just make sure to read Amazon Support to make sure your android phone is compatible

The Most Popular 99 cent Android Apps

Frist download The Amazon Appstore for Android on your mobile phone or tablet.

For complete details go here. The direction will pop up in a new window

Amazon Appstore for Android

Then from you phone or tablet you can instantly download your purchases. It's that easy.

This section contains the most popular ones being purchased through Amazon. Other sections will contain categories

if you are outside the USA, make sure to read the details before trying to download.

The Most Popular Free Android Apps

Here are the most popular free downloads

Apps other than games. These Could be store Apps or other helpful things

These utility apps might be nice to have. An app that lights up to use your phone as a flashlight. Netflix apps, nd more

Angry Birds Walkthrough

what's Your Favorite App?

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    • top101 profile image

      top101 5 years ago

      great lens!

    • profile image

      anonymous 5 years ago

      Am just too new to the world of Android... maybe a month old with my new phone!

    • profile image

      Charming_Beads 5 years ago

      Good resource for favorite apps.